Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Work continues on many fronts.

Here are a list of jobs that have been completed this spring. No rest for making nice trails!  
(or updating equipment)
All the implements were finally put to bed today thanks to Sandy's help.
We would have done this earlier, but we had a machine in the shop for repairs,
which was a higher priority.

After years of leaving the drag in the school yard snow,
we finally installed a post at Barkell Elementary school to keep it up.

It also has a weight peg because we found out we couldn't move enough
weights to here each day.

Another update was a taller drag pole added at Tomasi TH.
Most years we found it wasn't tall enough to keep our larger
drag out of the growing base. 

It's roof is 4ft x 4ft  which helps keep moisture off the winch.
Here is the roller being repaired at Hancock HS metals shop this spring. 
Thanks to Gary for shop assistance!
Last, was the city kindly purchased for us another storage cabinet after
the lower one got filled with bolts and other parts this past winter.

Thanks to the city for the help!!!

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