Sunday, May 31, 2015

More photos taken Saturday

Below are some wonderful photos taken by Frann Grossman.
Thanks Frann!!

Here you can see why we're working to keep
and maintain this trail.
The shale you see protruding from the left is what
we anchored to.

Looking real serious here.

This is a great photo!


Here is another.

Just some "smart talk" here :-).

The job site.

Even dogs came out to help.

A cook brings hot and tasty vittles.

Oh ya.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Successful mix and pour day!

Saturday morning a crew gathered to help mix a yard of concrete and pour it into the 1st footing of this bridge replacement project.  BIG thanks to Andre L, Rich F,  Debby H, Rich K, Arlyn A, and Mark R who headed up the pour.  Frann helped capture the day with her camera.   And special thanks to Sue C and Sandy A for all the delightful food.  Yummy!

The pour master Mark,
has the honor of sliding the 1st batch in.


More and more and more.


Here is the power for 2 water pumps, 2 mixers and the vibrator.

Here Rich is seen vibrating the mix.

Mark pushes mix down the line.

Deb adds fiber reinforcement to each batch

Mark and Rich are tying in more rebar.


Do note, that really is a child's slide the mix moves on :-)..



Andre muscles in another bag.

The form is nearly full now.

Troweling in towards the end.

Almost done.


This crew is the best!

After the pour we ate! We hope you can join us for the next pour.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Getting ready for pour #1

One footer form finally done today!

The pour will be this Saturday. We could use a few more hands on board to mix and pour the pre-mix. If you can help, call or text 370-2911 or email
We're starting at 9am but you can come and help later if you like.  Do let us know if you can assist.

Seen here is washing away of humus and clay
that's not good for bonding of concrete.

Many holes were drilled into the nonesuch shale to anchor rebar to.

Here Mark ties in the last pieces of rebar.


Saturday, May 23, 2015

Bridge has form.

Things are moving forward and the 1st abutment form was built today.  These photos were taken over several days.

On Saturday the 30th starting in the morning, we'll need a large crew to mix and pour concrete.   Can you help with the pour??   

If you can help, please call, text or email us at 370-2911 or

Supplies being moved in.

Excavation dirt being moved back here.

Yes Mark, this is precision work :-).

Even Gromit came to help.  She loves doing that.


This form will create the base (footer) that
the abutment will be mounted to.

This form still needs more work done
 plus re-bar glued into the shale inside it.

What we call the "hay bale fence" that divides
the sled trail and ours was taken down today.
Big thanks to Jay G, Sandy, Gromit and Bally for doing that.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Pour help needed.

Just a modest update with a few photos.   We have been working on this project every day but haven't posted daily since cleaning up a hole, fixing gates and organizing supplies, just isn't very news worthy. 

A sump system was set up and tested.

Our gate into the gorge at Sisu hill was vandalized.
It was repaired and new a latch was added.
This part wasn't damaged but a better system was needed, just the same.

Mr. B was spotted crossing the RR grade at 4 this afternoon.
He's heading towards his favorite Pine loop!

Do note that next week we'll need a large crew to mix and pour concrete.  We'll do this Friday the 29th.

Can you help with the pour??

Monday, May 18, 2015

Today's progress in the pit.

We got plenty of work done, much more than you can see in these few photos. 

With Mark's dainty digger, we pretty much got one abutment hole done.

Nonesuch shale was found.
This bedrock is what we'll anchor the abutment to.

Now pumps need to be set up so water can be removed
during the construction of the footer.


Not seen here are the 4 other people we had out doing various jobs, including Steve Wright from OHM who we wanted to see the rock we'd uncovered.
Thanks to Rich K, Ken R and Jay G who came out and helped today.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

More dirt moved.

No weekends off for this crew.  :-)   

Below is a few photos of what was accomplished this afternoon.

We do love Mark's Dainty digger.  It's a dandy!


If you would like to help with any part of this project, just get in touch.
 text 370-2911 or