Thursday, December 31, 2015

Low snow = more trails cleared.

With little snow falling, the crew was out clearing Thoroughfare trail in Churning Rapids.   Do note that on most days, trail work is being done.

Mike is cutting down little saplings that are trying to take over the trail.

These two trees create a tight spot for grooming implements to pass.

See the scar from impact left on one the trees?

More scars on the opposite tree. Having a tight spot like this is
not good for trees or the grooming implements.
One tree was removed to create a tad more space.

On New Year's Eve we made it down to Christensen farm site.   Hooray!

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Snow remains low :-(

Folks, our snow remains quite low and skiing very rustic.  You can walk out there.  The good news is trail clearing in Churning Rapids is moving along.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

2015 Candle Luminary Ski

It was candle luminary crazy!  We even had snow for it.

KNSC requested snow, and St. Nick delivered!

We packed the powder down just before the fun started.

As the trail loops around, the candles can be seen through the trees.
St. Urho's loop plus the Barnelopet cut-off were lined with luminaries

Jeanne goes all out for this event.  We love her!

It was a gorgeous night to be out.

Here comes a skier!

Zoom, go the skiers.

And the snow kept falling.

Gromit greeted skiers coming in to warm up and have treats.

As usual, kids and dogs go together.

Whole families attended.

I made a new friend.  Will I see you at the Barnelopet?

Snacks were found all around.

Ski ya later!

Maps and signage updates.

On Christmas day a few of us went out and put up new maps.  Do note - we're updated the signage and maps and are likely do it again next fall, to help keep folks from getting lost out there. KNSC plans on continual upgrades to maps, signage, and posts.

The updated maps show the junction numbers.

Evidence of the rain that fell 2 days previous. It has since frozen up nicely.

Gee, will it ever be nice to have a UTV again.

Gromit says, "us mutts don't need no maps."

Lots of branches and sticks were thrown off the trails, too.

Seems Arly just can't get enough of this brush clearing.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas spirit tree decorations and walk.

A special little tree found along the RR grade on trail 2 was decorated today.
Why not, it's Christmas!
 By the way, be sure to join us for the season's most fun event:
 the Candle Luminary Ski.
Come to the Chalet at the fairgrounds this Saturday 12/26 and from 6 - 8 pm a 2k and 1k loop will be lit by luminaria.  We don't care if you ski, walk, snowhoe or jog :-).  Bring some holiday goodies to share!

Arly put some pretty ribbon on for a finishing touch.

Gromit was on hand to provide helpful feedback.

Maybe our wish for more snow will appear
 beneath the tree tonight.

We walked further along and found many, many tree branches
across the trail. Please help out and remove them if you're out there.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Tower Loop is ready to go! Snow snakes...

Lookout Loop, or sometimes called the Tower Loop in Churning Rapids, was finally cleared yesterday!

BIG thanks to Mike and the numerous folks who helped.

After approximately 500 hours, this loop is done!


Next are bonus photos taken on Monday.  Snow snakes were seen in a tree along the trail.  Would they bite? :-)

Have you seen snow do this before? 

We looked for moss or something that could help the snow form this.
None was seen.

A Bermuda snow mystery?

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Breaking Trail at Churning Rapids

While there has not been quite enough snow to groom at Churning Rapids that doesn't mean there isn't enough snow to ski.  This morning conditions were just fine for making some tracks around the Tower Loop and on the Maki Trail.

Looking toward Ruby Marsh

Ruby Marsh

Maki Trail

Tower loop progress.

Today we had a crew of three in Churning Rapids and made great progress on the Tower loop.  With any luck, one more day of clearing on it and we'll have it completed.   

With Gromit along, I should have said a crew of four :-).

This is how if looked afterwards.  Great!

Tools of the trade in the trailer.

We also rolled St. Urho's this morning in hopes of keeping its snow.  The compacted snow is quite shallow for skiing.

Friday, December 18, 2015

1st roll of the year!

Oh ya.  With the little snow we received, pods (tracks) were installed on the Grizzly then Tomasi loop was rolled, plus Tomasi RD and the Pine loop.  Doing this will help firm up the base and gather more snow. The rest of the trails are too rough to groom until the snow depth is greater. Walking without snowshoes is ok for now, for trail users who have purchased an annual membership or day pass.

Skiers had been out testing the snow, too.

This roller had  a major update done to it this past spring.

We love snow!

Support all the local trails - purchase your annual pass today:


In person: Down Wind Sports, Cross Country Sports, MTU's SDC

Or, pick up a trifold map at one of our kiosks to mail in your KNSC membership.


Thursday, December 17, 2015

Guess winter starts on December 22nd...

...good thing because we're still doing FALL trail work!  
These photos were taken over the past week.

The great divide fence goes up.

This divides the sled and skier trails.

We put this up every year.
Thanks to Mike, Pete, Arlyn, Sandy and Gromit for assistance.

Small trees and limbs coming down on the tower loop in Churning Rapids.

Yes, lots to do here.   Trail work continues.

The trusty pole saw. Photo taken today, 12/17.


Then the lake snow started up. Woo Hoo!!