Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Dam hill improvements made.

Today, a volunteer from the Heavy Coalition organization came out with his brand spanking new YTM compact tractor and implements to help us begin the recovery from the Father's Day flood.   The Dam hill was greatly eroded from the water traveling down it.   Bill filled the deep ruts, then graded it to reduce the water coming down it again.  It's not completely done but still much, much improved.
This is just a start at reopening a portion of the gorge trails.  Would you like to help??  Please donate to the tractor fund.  We need one!
Bill trailered the equipment from Grand Rapids just to help out after the flood.

Unloading the box blade.

Where are we going?

Note the ravine down the trail.

Getting the surface smoothed up again.

Material washed to the bottom was scooped up to fill the ruts.

Getting there!

More ruts seen along the way

Filled in!

Here the lip from the edge is being pulled into the low spot, making the trail level again.

The previously bowl shaped tread is now level and slightly out sloped,
to shed water over the edge.

Last was water bars made that should have been added years ago.
They will direct water over the edge, and off of the tread.

Bill digging yet another. 

Now the water will be diverted over the side, before it can cause more ruts.

Lots was accomplished today, but there's still much, much more work to do.

Thanks so much, Bill, for your generous donation!
He also wants to come back in August or September and do more.

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