Thursday, October 26, 2017

Report #20. More trail work getting done.

As you might suspect, more work gets done than reports given here.   These photos were taken over the past few days.
Cassie and Gromit came out to help on Monday afternoon and we cleared trail #4.

Colin got things looking neater with the power pruner.

This is again trail #4 near the gate into Churning Rapids.

We added corduroy here to help with low snow situations.

A tractor would help smooth this section out ASAP.
Yes, we're still raising money for this and other trail improvement tools.

Fresh bear scat found on trail #4 near the River Trail extension.  Who likes apples?

Lookin' good!

We added a tool rack to keep things more organized and efficient.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Report #19. City side trail crew rocked!

Today a wonderful trail crew worked on Trail #2, starting at Tomasi road and worked west. We made it to Hodges RD.
What a fabulous day to work on the trails!

Special thanks to Keith M. for help and these photos.

We plan to take this 8ft wide bridge out and install a culvert.
Until that happens, the corduroy was fixed today to widen it out sufficiency.

Lunch on the trail!

Special thanks goes to Josh, Lisa, and Dave N. for helping today.

Also helping was Mark R, Ken R, Jim B and Ulrich S. Thanks to all!

With help like this, trail clearing is a snap!

Friday, October 20, 2017

Report #18. More corduroy added.

Trail improvements continue with more corduroy added to trail 4 where a skidder left deep ruts, many years ago..  This is located in the pine woods, just up from the River trail extension we did this spring.   BIG thanks goes to Bob J who helped with this.  Work was also done in the gorge this week.  On Saturday morning we'll be working on the city side trails and meeting at the Tomasi TH at 9am.   Please join us and help improve trails.
This yellow Birch got to leaning to much over the summer and over the gorge trail.


Colin got it hooked so we could pull it out of the creek.


This is corduroy being pulled into the skidder ruts.


WOW!  What an improvement here. Doing this will help us groom in low snow.

Our goal is to level the trails and control the water.  This is why we're saving up funds
 to purchase a small tractor.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Report #17, Trail 9 done! So the Mud Lake Loop is complete.

What a day be out in this fall weather!  We are very happy to announce that we've now cleared all the way around the Mud Lake.  We couldn't have gotten this done without the help of Jay G., Sandy A., Eric N. and of course Colin P. and Arly A.  Not pictured but we must mention, that the Pine loop was also completed this morning.  
This is Trail 9 along the east side of this quaint little lake.

This is just what we like to see! A clean trail, canopy and edges.  We can groom a much nicer
trail with this!

Fall colors are at peak!

Gromit appreciates a cleared trail too.

Special bonus! After trail 9 was completed,
we started up the old Outback trail heading towards town. We'll groom this
trail this winter for the first time since 2004. (if completed anyway)

Jim H. and Dave B. stopped by and visited us late in the day.
Another fellow was along who we didn't know.

What a day to be on the trails!  We're out every day, just get in touch if you can help.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Report #16, Pine Loop worked on.

This Saturday we got lots done, with some bonus volunteers!
This is corduroy added in the gorge earlier this week

This is to help keep grooming implements on the trail.

Keith and Julie said that today was a picture perfect day to be out clearing trails.

4 gals from MTU helped out too.  Not all were pictured here.

But everyone cleared lots of brush today.

Lunch on the trail.

Cassie says, "this is fun!" We agree.

Colin gets the pole saw ready for more cutting.
Later, he put the brush cutter to work.

The 10 of us got things looking great today!

Thursday, October 12, 2017

River trail corduroy added. Report #15

Today, much corduroy was added to wet spots on the River Trail.  No shock why this is needed, as it has been the wettest year many people can recall here.  Corduroy was needed to help us groom over these wet, muddy locations.
This is how felled trees are pulled out of the creek.

Out we go!

One wet spot is fixed.  How would we do this without a UTV?

More to be repaired as we go down the trail.

Please get down there and tell us what you think.


Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Around Mud lake we go! Report #14

Around Mud Lake, we cleared today to where the trail splits for just a bit.  This of course is on trail #4.  We'll be out Saturday morning if you could help.
Eric and Sandy were knocking down the weeds and brush.
This is coming down from the canal overlook.

Sure was nice to finally have a dry day!
Arlyn (not seen here) got some stumps trimmed up and rocks rolled off.

Just Contact us if you can lend a hand.

Take it from Eric: trail work is a great way to get some fresh air, exercise and
see the beautiful colors!!