Sunday, November 27, 2016

Signs attached and posts planted.

OK, Posts have been planted and signs are still going up.
"Hunting" for the next sign to install.

The signs are installed high up for better visibility.

The signs also are posted high, to be out of a vandal's reach.

The sign verbiage matches the maps.

Why do all this?

So folks can relax and have fun on the trails!
Instead of trying to figure out where they are,
or how to get where they want to go.

This is at the top of Sidewinder hill.
With some posts being installed, skiers can view the map more easily now.
We had it up on a tree before, and it was hard for skiers to get close up
 to if they needed to read it.

Just a "little" more snow and we'll be skiing!
If you like what you see here, please support our mission by becoming
a member and/or by making an extra donation.
This trail sign improvement project was made possible by
The Nordic Ski Club of Milwaukee, Keweenaw Coop,
Finlandia University athletics, and Ride The Keweenaw.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

New signs going up.

Today new signs and maps were installed which completes Mud Lake loop and trail 4 starting from the Tomasi TH and back to the gorge top at the Vista trail. With any luck, the city side and gorge signs will be done tomorrow, before the rain rolls in.
Another nice day to be out on the trails.

The sun even came out off and on.

Even some "No snowmobiles" signs went up.

Barrier Fence Up

On Saturday the barrier fence went up on the trail connecting Maasto's St. Urho's loop to the rest of the trails on the City side of Swedetown Gorge.  In this area the ski trail parallels the snowmobile trail north of the county fairgrounds so the barrier fence is used to guide snowmobiles off the old railroad grade and on to the short bypass around that section of RR grade used by our ski trails.  We are happy to have access to the RR grade there to provide better views of Swedetown Gorge for our skiers.

The project starts with picking up mulch hay at the Baccus Dairy Farm in the Traprock Valley.
This year new 4x4 posts were set (carefully avoiding the buried main fiber optic line which connects the northern Keweenaw to the internet!) to provide better anchor points for the fence than the trees we have used in the past.

A little rope, 50 feet of snow fence, 2x2s set in the hay bales, lots of zip ties and some reflectors all go into the mix.  

In the end we have a barrier to keep skiers and snowmobilers safe and happy.

Friday, November 25, 2016

More signage goes up.

A few more signs got up today but technical grief and rain dampened our progress. More were installed than what is pictured here. We'll try it again on Saturday.
We stand on Dusty the defender's tail gate and get high enough to put these up.

Up close.

Just outside of the gate into Churning rapids.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thanksgiving signage

On Thanksgiving morning, we headed out to begin installing new signage and maps.  This is part of Keweenaw Nordic's ongoing effort to make sure out-of-town skiers have a wonderful time on our trails.
At junction #27 which is the north end of the Mud Lake loop.

Two sign posts were added here and a trail map.

Plus signs that state where trails go.

Is it level?

Now folks will know the River trail is up ahead.
This is at the south end of the Mud Lake loop.

We'll get more up tomorrow.

Would you like to help?  Then just get in touch.  If you can't help, then consider making a generous donation to help keep these trails in top shape.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Sunday trail clearing!

With wonderful outdoor work weather predicted on Sunday, that morning we headed out to clear several trail sections. We started with a portion of the Vista trail.
After that, we headed towards the cemetery on trail 4, clearing forgotten sections as we went. 
Trails 7 and 9 are now good to go.  Of course the leaner tree seen here was removed.

Back on trail #4, Mullins were removed, as were grass and shoots.

Sandy is cutting them down

All done!
The defender box is loaded with tools.  Its larger than what the Rhino had.

This is the dog leg portion of the original trail, on the Mud Lake Loop.  It was reopened!
Was in named for that dog? :-)

On Sidewinder hill.  The 4-wheeler block had to be removed at some point.


We spent 8 hours getting them opened up today.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Shed sheeting on!

With the help of the Finlandia soccer coaching crew,  the roof sheathing was installed today.
With a crew like this, LOTS can get done.
Special thank's to Mark for coming out to lead the crew.
And thanks to Bridget who's Finlandia's Head Cross Country coach who
 brought along Tyler Little, Marcus Girgiolo, and Jordan Andrews.
At the end of the day.
To help, simply get in touch at or 370-2911