Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Churning Rapids conditions.

To help organize and discuss the work that needs to be done, a trail recovery group is meeting on Thursday evening at 7:00, at Hancock's Porvoo Park pavilion, on the waterfront.   
Here is damage seen in Churning Rapids.
At the triangle in CR. Lots and lots of water.
The biker bridge just narrowly survived!
Spring Creek corridor has several washouts which has made the trail too narrow
for the grooming equipment to pass.
An excavator or tractor with a backhoe would easily fix this.
More washouts on the Spring creek corridor.

This bridge was raised up and staked down a few summers ago.
It didn't budge! Just need to replace the gravel ramps to make it functional again.

Hope we see you at the pavilion on Thursday evening.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Trail recovering meeting, more trail photos.

A trail recovery meeting is planned this week, Thursday evening at 7:00 at Hancock's Poorvo Park pavilion, on the waterfront. 
More trail damage photos are below.  The only bridge remaining in the gorge is Sisu which is in poor, poor condition.

This is under Sisu bridge which survived when the creek diverted to both sides of it.
Within this debris, is a folded girder from an upstream bridge.

Creek water still flowing here.

Seen here is the trail just upstream from Sisu bridge. Some cleanup is needed!

Yes more of it.  Much of the lumber is good and should be recovered.

Another folded girder from up stream.
With some help, we do believe we can reopen the Sisu bridge and turn around
just upstream from here this winter.
We then would be grooming into the gorge here.

The abutment from the middle bridge that was pushed over from the torrent.
Do note, this bridge took over 2000 hours to install just 3 years ago.

Yes, another girder, folded over like a pretzel.

The middle bridge which will need to be disassembled and moved.

At least it's in one piece.  This is a doable job!

Concrete abutment from the next bridge upstream.

The remaining intact abutment from the same bridge.
This is where the girders came from.
Maybe this bridge could be bypassed with a side trail?

Despite the mess, it's still the prettiest creek around!

New sand, rock, and gravel beds everywhere.

This is a real mess, but we can get the River Trail back with YOUR help!
 We also hope to groom down Dam hill this winter, and downstream within the gorge, then back up on Sidewinder.  This will take work but is a project worth doing.
Churning Rapids photos to follow.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Gorge bridges lost, might be all of them.

A few people have been out investigating high water damage in the gorge.  Sorry to say, it doesn't look good. Not only the River Trail, but every bridge spanning Swedetown Creek is impacted. Sisu bridge has been highly damaged. The remaining bridges upstream have been completely washed away.
More photos will be posted this week.
At the TH, we bumped into Marcia and Jason just getting in from
investigating the trails and bridges.
This is where the ski trail crosses the RR grade, which even saw some washing out.

Looks as if Tomasi road bridge, was just about lost.

The 2ft culvert here, couldn't handle all the water coming off the field.

This is the Tomasi road ditch that we groom.

Here we installed a pedestrian bridge 2 summers ago. It went south about 40ft.

Here is one of its ramps found not far away.

This is the trail. With the creek banks being eroded, many, many trees came down. 
Heading downstream, a smaller boardwalk is gone.
Here it is, just down stream.
A side creek still flowing in.
With many trees down and banks washed away, the gorge now has a very different look to it.

In the dam meadow.

Yes, we saw some high water down here.
Here in this very spot was multiple board walks and a bridge. Now they are all gone.
A bridge ramp was found among the Alders.

At the dam, the trail (old dam) washed out. There is now a fork in Swedetown creek, here.

The trail just down stream from the dam, where some of the creek now flows.

Here was the old bridge at RR ravine.  100% gone. No trace of anything.
The creek was way high, and deposited sand and gravel on the trail.

Sisu bridge, as seen this morning by Eric N.

The boardwalk just north of Tomasi Rd.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Work continues on many fronts.

Here are a list of jobs that have been completed this spring. No rest for making nice trails!  
(or updating equipment)
All the implements were finally put to bed today thanks to Sandy's help.
We would have done this earlier, but we had a machine in the shop for repairs,
which was a higher priority.

After years of leaving the drag in the school yard snow,
we finally installed a post at Barkell Elementary school to keep it up.

It also has a weight peg because we found out we couldn't move enough
weights to here each day.

Another update was a taller drag pole added at Tomasi TH.
Most years we found it wasn't tall enough to keep our larger
drag out of the growing base. 

It's roof is 4ft x 4ft  which helps keep moisture off the winch.
Here is the roller being repaired at Hancock HS metals shop this spring. 
Thanks to Gary for shop assistance!
Last, was the city kindly purchased for us another storage cabinet after
the lower one got filled with bolts and other parts this past winter.

Thanks to the city for the help!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Spring trail work report.

Yes folks, trail work goes go on each spring and summer.  We hope to get some trails leveled this summer, and control the water better down in the gorge.
Here is the DEQ representative Helena checking for wetlands.

We all got a mini-ecology lesson.

Another update was the drag lift pole at Tomasi TH.

Bob J giving some much needed help.

The old one was not tall enough for a whole winter's worth
of snow or hold the implement far enough outboard.

It weighed quite a bit so we decided to lift it via UTV winch.

Ready to go!  The A frame will keep it centered.

Half way up.
Up, up it goes.


It's not done until some roof tin, fascia and a winch is added.
This is the pole that was installed at Hancock Elementary.

This one is for the equipment used in the Learn To Ski
program held right in the school yard each winter.