Saturday, November 18, 2017

Culvert report #27

Work was done today and a culvert was installed on the River Trail Extension that was opened up this spring.  There was so much water flowing here, we either had to install corduroy or a culvert or we wouldn't have been able to groom it.
Loaded for work!  This is the new Kodiak going into service this year.  The UTV is in the shop.

Here you can see the small trench across the trail that was dug this spring.

Now the trench is becoming much larger and straight.

More help arrives!

We have lunch.

A certain puppy helped as well.

Yes we do need, and do hope to get a tractor and backhoe soon.

A test fitting.  This culvert is 20ft long so as to make sure groomers can't fall into wet spots.

Many adjustments were made to get it right.

Trail mutt supervision.
A wet fall it's been.

This location is normally dry.
Back fill is being added and tapped down. 

Done!!  Big thanks to Dave N and Bob J! 
This project would not have been done without there help.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Many day report #26

This post is from many work days over the past week.
Some of us did a trail inspection hike...others, a ride! This is in Churning Rapids.
Wally says "HI JASON!"

The always-wet spot on Spring Creek trail.

A trench was re-opened to drain this big puddle on Sunset Trail.

Flowin' good now!

This is "before" the trenching.

At the triangle, as you enter Churning Rapids from Sunset Trail.

And the other leg of the triangle.
Not sure we'll get snow implements across it into CR this winter.

On Ruby Marsh Trail. This spot has never been wet before. Unpassable today.

On Monday, Cassie was out to help get St Urho's spiffed up.
This loop is almost done now.
Today the crew hauled corduroy from one area of the New River Trail,
up to fill some big water filled holes near the pine forest.

Out it goes!  Multiple loads were moved and used as corduroy today.
This has been a devil of a wet year, and more time has been spent drained wet spots
and adding corduroy than ever before.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Second Sigma Tau Gamma crew

We want to post a few pictures from the second Sigma Tau Gamma crew dominating the brush in Churning Rapids as well.  It was a fun morning and lots of work was accomplished from fixing mud holes to lopping berry canes.  Thanks for the community gift of your volunteered labor!  All you skiers can thank Sigma Tau Gamma for clearing your way this ski season.
Doing a little lopping 

Keeping the blackberries at bay

Taking a break to explore the Beaver Bypass trail near Ruby Marsh

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Brush report #25

Today we had a bunch of the Sigma Tau Gamma fraternity guys out helping to clear trail 8 to Churning Rapids. Not seen in these photos were the rest of the crew, helping out on Spring Creek Trail. Thanks to John D. for leading that work bee.
Colin and Arly were out in advance, dropping branches and leaners down.

Lotsa little brushy trees were removed, to be sure the corridor stays clear this winter.

Everyone got their exercise today.

Lookin' good.

Tall tales being told?

The boomerang got the small stuff cut.
Lotsa lopping was done too.

Plus the weed whacker.

In just 3 hours, trail 8 went from brushy to ready for grooming.
Quite a band of brothers! Thanks guys for all your help today.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Recent photos, Report #23

We've been working on the trails most days and here are a few taken over the past week.  We also had a "Make A Difference Day" on our trails which we have no photos of.  If you have some, please send them our way and we'll post them.
Skiers out!  Seems this snow was a tad shallow for doing that.

And weeds remain that we've been knocking down.

Taking trees off the trails as well

Taking care of some leaners.

On Sisu hill.

We'll take them down now...

...So they'll not come down this winter and disrupt grooming.

In the old sand pit above Superior Sand and Gravel.

Weeds coming out.

On St Urho's.


This past Tuesday

Everyone enjoys being in the gorge!