Monday, July 18, 2016

Spring creek bridge updating done.

The Spring Creek bridge has been widened and raised just a bit for safer skier approaches.  Gravel was added to make nice ramps up to it and steel stakes placed in the abutments to help hold it during high water.  This job took 50 hours to complete.
Steel posts being driven in.   It was HOT on this day.

Decking going on.

Gravel being loaded.
Was assisted by Sandy A. Blair O. Josh N and Gromit.
All done!   The site was cleaned up after this photo was taken.
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Swedetown creek pedestrian bridge updated.

The pedestrian bridge at the bottom of the Pine loop has been replaced.  We'll now have a safe crossing with a railing on it, plus it's sturdy enough to stay up under snow loads.  BIG THANKS to Blair O. and Josh N. for their mechanical help with this upgrade.  Plus the City of Hancock for purchasing most of the materials.  This project took 150 hours to do.
If you like what we are doing for the trails, please donate or buy a pass.
Done!!!  It's 4" higher out of the water than the old one was.

The two intrepid volunteers.

This will last for years.  And we'll not have any more people falling off.