Saturday, March 31, 2018

What snow?

We thought we'd receive enough snow today to make new tracks, but it didn't show up.  NOAA claims that more will be coming.   Stay tuned......

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Some wet stuff.

We skied out there today and found this new snow wet, to wet and warm to roll.  Skiing was quite slow.  If conditions improve, that is it cools down and more snow arrives, we might be able to do something with it.   Stay tuned!

Friday, March 23, 2018

Good spring for now.

Early this morning all trails were drug and new tracks made.  With the warm/freeze cycles we've had, we seen widely varying conditions, from excellent to poor..   We scratched the surface with the drag, but at many locations, the pan could not impress into the hardened base to make nice tracks.  In general we'd still call them good spring conditions but without any fresh snow, we may need to end grooming operations.  We just can't make them as nice as we'd like to see.   
I lost my safety eyeglasses out there this morning, so please let us know if you happen to see them.
In the gorge, at the dam meadow.

Early morning light on trail 3 in the gorge

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This is the top of Sidewinder hill, on trail 4.

On the reopened Outback trail. 
We got this trail done so late this fall, we didn't designate it with a number.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Good spring conditions

Early this morning all trails were drug and new tracks made.  We are definitely getting into spring conditions here and trails showed varying conditions from excellent to poor, because of sun exposure.  In general we'd now call them good spring conditions.   Seems our lake has too much ice to give us any more fresh snow.
Early am light near the chalet

At the top of Sidewinder hill on trail #4.

Our phat members will find all trails firm.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Spring condtions at their best!!

Yes indeed folks, spring is sneaking up on us but conditions remain really, really good out there.  After today's warm temps, we plan redo some trails on Sunday morning.
Nice high March sun angles sure make the River Trail extra pretty.

Zooming along with great glide, and grip was also good.

The big "drop off" on the west side of Mud Lake

Carl says, it is a great day for snow shoeing too!

We love lake effect, but gotta admit it is nice to see the sun in March.

Rocky was out for a big ski, as usual. We seen many, many people out here today.

Hope you got out to enjoy this most perfect ski day!
It just couldn't find nicer conditions, than these.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Excellent continues into spring

Early this morning, we dug the city side trails, all gorge trails, including Vista (trail #7) and of course made new tracks on all of those trails.  This is indeed EXCELLENT spring trail conditions.   Now that everything has been drug, our phat riding members will find everything quite firm.
Folks, trail conditions are as good as they can get.

Yes indeed!

You can see here, this machine has 150lbs added to it.

Trails like this, is what we work hard to create.

The gorge trail to Churning Rapids (trail 4) which is normally single, was double
tracked today.

Along Swedetown creek, the layers of winter are showing up.
How long will wonderful spring conditions like these last?

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

An Excellent dusting

Early this morning,  trail #8 that goes to Churning Rapids and all trails in CR, plus the Mud Lake loop and the Outback trail was drug and new tracks made.   These are what we couldn't get to yesterday.  All trails in our system are now in mid winter, excellent condition.  Photos say more than my lame verbiage can. 😄
Sunrise on Ruby marsh.

Tracks and trails, are as good as anywhere in North America.
As seen on the Tower Loop.

Hope we see you out there enjoying them.

On the Mud Lake loop, trail #4. Please support these efforts, and purchase a pass.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Excellent, more than predicted.

Last night, NOAA had predicted that we would receive 1/2 an inch, at the most overnight, and we awoke to 3 or 4".    With everyone trying to take a day off, late in the morning we did roll the city side trails, plus all of the gorge including trail 8, plus Vista and retracked those trails.  This light snow worked in very well and we'd call the trails excellent.   For our phat members, it will be soft until we can drag things.   Sorry for the slow response.
The hard snow underneath is now covered over.

On the old RR grade, trail 2.

In the prettiest gorge in the Keweenaw

It sure was pretty out there today.

Tuesday update

Trails are shaping up. The 4" of new snow has been rolled and tracks re-set on the city side trails and in the gorge.
File photos

Tuesday's non-grooming, now grooming plan

Last night the forecast was for no snow, or maybe a dusting. We were not going to re-groom the trails, in that case.
 Thanks to the big Lake dishing out some new snow, grooming indeed will be done today. Full report and photos will be posted later today.
Hope you're getting out to enjoy the best time of year on the trails!
File photo

Monday, March 12, 2018

Excellent again!

We were out early this morning and drug in the skiff of snow we received and most trails are excellent again.  The only exception is the open area at the chalet, which remains a bit icy.   The below photos say it all.  For our phat riders, trails should be firm.
On the old RR grade, trail #2.

NOAA says we've got more snow on the way.  We will groom again, when it arrives.

Trails did groom up, quite nicely.

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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Conditions remain excellent, phat riding too!

As seen in the photos, conditions remain excellent and that includes a firm base, for our phat biking members.
We'll not groom until more snow arrives or the surface is damaged.
At this point, looks like new snow on Tuesday.

We chatted with these riders who had their dog along.

Kids and parents out as well. We hard many, many trail users out today.
Just some artsy looking icicles seen at the Tomasi trail head.