Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Spring trail work report.

Yes folks, trail work goes go on each spring and summer.  We hope to get some trails leveled this summer, and control the water better down in the gorge.
Here is the DEQ representative Helena checking for wetlands.

We all got a mini-ecology lesson.

Another update was the drag lift pole at Tomasi TH.

Bob J giving some much needed help.

The old one was not tall enough for a whole winter's worth
of snow or hold the implement far enough outboard.

It weighed quite a bit so we decided to lift it via UTV winch.

Ready to go!  The A frame will keep it centered.

Half way up.
Up, up it goes.


It's not done until some roof tin, fascia and a winch is added.
This is the pole that was installed at Hancock Elementary.

This one is for the equipment used in the Learn To Ski
program held right in the school yard each winter.

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