Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Excellent spring snow.

Early this morning, we drug all trails and reset tracks which made everything excellent again.  Our phat members should find the snow much stiffer now.   Yesterday after rolling the new snow in, we decided that rolling hadn't compacted it enough, so today's dragging will help make your skiing or riding much improved.  Looking at our forecast, this may be the end of grooming.
Things looked quite nice out there.

Hope you get out there and enjoy this late snow.

The gorge is as pretty as ever.

The sun cam out while doing the Mud lake loop.


Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Last Excellent for the year?

Colin was out early today and rolled, and I followed and made new tracks.  We had hoped to drag but there was just too much snow to do that.  We did a normal pattern and double tracks trails where we usually do. Looking at our forecast, this might be the last for the year. Skiing will hold up for a while though, so be sure to get out!
Don't forget the Annual Meeting featuring home-made BBQ, tonight at 6:30.
Hummmmmmmm gooood!

The trails looked as good as mid winter conditions.

This good of conditions, can not last!

The wind is blowing so they will deteriorate in open areas.

The snow base in general, is still deep in the gorge.

Along mud lake seen here.

Someone has been hungry!

Hope we see you at the dinner tonight.

Monday, April 16, 2018

April 16th and excellent!

Early this morning Colin rolled this new snow in and we made new tracks.   Because it's so late in the year, we didn't double track all trails that we normally do.  Nonetheless, its the middle of April and trails are again excellent!    Our Phat riders will find it rather soft, until we get can drag them.  As of now, we plan on dragging them Tuesday morning and redo everything again.  Photos say it all.
Its blowing and snowing out there folks, so tracks will deteriorate.

It was just gorgeous out there this morning.

Please support the trails and buy a pass.

In the gorge.

This is some fantastic conditions, for this late in the spring.

On the Mud lake loop trail #9.

On Christensen RD.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

The season continues!

Yes folks, everyone knows we've got more snow moving in and skiing in the gorge and other locations was quite good today.  Colin was rolling the system when this report was posted.  On Monday morning we'll roll again and make new tracks.  Hope you get out there and enjoy the spring snow.
Beautiful down in the always!

Turns out the wind wan't as bad as we thought, so we headed for the Outback.

Wheeee! This fresh snow is great. The Outback trail is everyone's favorite!

After back country skiing down the Iron Ring Trail we got to the River Trail and headed upstream.

We stop to gaze at the prettiest creek around. Swedetown.

Get while the skiing is still excellent!

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Rolling into April 12th!

This morning we rolled just a few trails.  Pretty amazing to be doing this on April 12th!  The snow was really to wet and far to much moisture in it, to make any tracks.   Nonetheless, the city side trails, all of the gorge, Vista and the River trail to Churning Rapids was rolled this morning.

Yes it was just to wet to make them nice.

If temps cool and more snow falls, we'll try it again.

A Phat challenge at Maasto!

Folks, we are dreaming of putting on a phat bike race at Maasto next winter.
We'd like to promote that our trails are snow bike friendly, maybe a phat dog division as well.
What are your thoughts? Could you lend a hand with it?
Would be a whole-lot-a fun!

Let us know if you can help.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Yooper loop reopening?

Some of you who've been here for a few years may recall the "Yooper Loop" which connects to the Mud Lake loop's northern end.   This is at junction #27.   This trail has been unkempt for a while but we are considering reopening this portion.   Today, it was blue flagged so if you'd like to see it, it will be very easy to follow.  This section was logged a few years ago, but it is still quite pretty with some modest hills and hemlocks along it.  Let us know your thoughts.  Would you like to help clear it this spring?
Still good snow out there!

But south facing locations like Sidewinder hill, are seeing the heat.

This is the intersection at the north end of the Mud Lake Loop.
Here you can see the old trail going up the hill and it now has
blue tape marking it.
Back country skiing is as good as it gets!

Looking down the descent. Bikers will recall this having a gravelly, sandy curve at the bottom.

But the trail will be groomed with a straight run-out.

Hope you got out to enjoy some spring skiing!

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Still good spring conditions

Early today we drug this wind blown snow in and made some new tracks.  Conditions varied much, some locations were mid winter excellent condition, while others had no new snow so our pan couldn't inject into the ice hard base to make much for tracks.  In particular, near the chalet the base is glacier like.  So on average, we'd call them good spring conditions.  

At the top of Sidewinder.  The hill itself sees much sun and is melting fast

Near the cemetery on trail 4.

Looks great here!

On the RR grade trail 2

Also on the RR grade trail 2.  Sorry but these photos are out of order.

On the Mud Lake loop, trail 4.