Sunday, June 17, 2018

Gorge bridges lost, might be all of them.

A few people have been out investigating high water damage in the gorge.  Sorry to say, it doesn't look good. Not only the River Trail, but every bridge spanning Swedetown Creek is impacted. Sisu bridge has been highly damaged. The remaining bridges upstream have been completely washed away.
More photos will be posted this week.
At the TH, we bumped into Marcia and Jason just getting in from
investigating the trails and bridges.
This is where the ski trail crosses the RR grade, which even saw some washing out.

Looks as if Tomasi road bridge, was just about lost.

The 2ft culvert here, couldn't handle all the water coming off the field.

This is the Tomasi road ditch that we groom.

Here we installed a pedestrian bridge 2 summers ago. It went south about 40ft.

Here is one of its ramps found not far away.

This is the trail. With the creek banks being eroded, many, many trees came down. 
Heading downstream, a smaller boardwalk is gone.
Here it is, just down stream.
A side creek still flowing in.
With many trees down and banks washed away, the gorge now has a very different look to it.

In the dam meadow.

Yes, we saw some high water down here.
Here in this very spot was multiple board walks and a bridge. Now they are all gone.
A bridge ramp was found among the Alders.

At the dam, the trail (old dam) washed out. There is now a fork in Swedetown creek, here.

The trail just down stream from the dam, where some of the creek now flows.

Here was the old bridge at RR ravine.  100% gone. No trace of anything.
The creek was way high, and deposited sand and gravel on the trail.

Sisu bridge, as seen this morning by Eric N.

The boardwalk just north of Tomasi Rd.


  1. All bridges except for sisu bridge are totally destroyed.

  2. Sisu bridge is the poor, poor condition. The intermediate support on its upstream side seems to have collapsed, but with the debris and rocks there, we can't even see it.