Friday, April 28, 2017

Another! Storage shed progress repor.

Much progress has been made on the new storage shed between the rain and snow we've got.  Today the school drag was moved into the storage shed.
Some light panels were installed.  We have these on the old shed
and really appreciate the light they allow in.

One 10ft door going on!

Done!  Mostly anyway. We still have seals that need to be installed.

Snow! Is Colin headed out to drag it in? 
OK, maybe he's just moving it to the new shed.

In in goes.

Attached to the winch behind Colin, up it goes.


Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Annual General Membership Meeting and trail re-route

We hope you enjoyed the previous post by Becca S. We are happy to announce that she's joined KNSC board along with J. Martin who is a avid phat biker.  We'd like to thank them both for coming on and helping us improve the trails.
The GMM was held this year at Studio Pizza/The Orpheum.

MMMM! Pizza. And an informative business meeting.

On Saturday May 6th, if weather allows and the ground drys some, we'll have our first work bee for the re-route of trail 4.  Get in touch if you can join us.   It will be fun!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Beautiful Back Country

The sweet sound of chickadees singing their familiar song called to us as we hiked the Villi Maki Trail off of High Point Road today.

My boys (ages 3.5 and almost 2) eagerly hopped out of the car in search of treasures and a creek in which to throw rocks. We have been here before, so they knew the hike to the creek was not far, even on their little legs. It was not long before they began diving into the leaves left over from last fall, pushing said leaves around with sticks, pretending to vacuum the forest floor for its spring cleaning.

As their attention waned from the fallen leaves, the sound of the creek, Spring Creek, called from the distance. Young faces full of wonder and astonishment cried out, "Oh, wow!," and "Look, Mom.," as they gazed down the ridge at the water tripping and falling over the rocks below.

Making our way down to the creek to take in its beauty (and to throw rocks of course) we could hear the faint sound of a male partridge calling for his mate. 

Alas, all grand adventures must come to their end. So with dirt under their nails, water in their boots, and a "Goodbye creek, see you soon," the boys hauled their treasures up the hill to the trail. Coming home with us today are a half-eaten acorn; a rock, smooth from the creek washing over and over; and a piece of birch bark fallen to ground after the winter's snow. Dad will love seeing the treasures and hearing about our time on the trails. 

Sunday, April 23, 2017

River trail expansion planned!

On Tuesday evening a group met to decide what trail improvements could be made this summer.  
Top on the list is to reroute trail #4 where it ascends out of the creek gorge and through a wet location.  This is upstream from Tomasi gravel pit road.  After pondering options to repair the wet area, we will instead, extend the trail farther up Swedetown Creek, then stay up on dry ground to re-connect with the trail near the pine plantation. Bonuses include more trail overall, better scenery along the creek, better flow, almost no wet areas, and is completely on City property. This is an important project, so this will be large post.

Smart talk was flowing with the beer at our new favorite meeting
place - Nutini's in down town Hancock!

On Sunday morning, the crew gathered for on-trail investigation.

Headed towards the reroute area, going up stream from Tomasi Rd on trail 4, aka
"The New River Trail"

The snow added a nice touch for Mark and us winter sports fans.

Lotsa brushy areas...

...and the occasional open area and larger trees.

Overlooking Swedetown Creek and the growing beaver pond.Keeping the trail long the
creek, is very important for us.

The blue ribbons marked the way

Although the snow did cover them so were harder to see.

Which way should we go now?

OK, we'll check out one more potential re-route.

Here's where the 2nd option goes in.

Just as brushy...and more wet spots. Option #1 wins.

Well, what about repairing the existing trail?

With as much ditching needed, and unknown variables,
looks like a re-route is a better option.
And more scenic for our trail users!

Ok, now let's check out another issue.

This area has concerns of motorized vehicle access, and of uncontrolled water.
A fruitful information gathering, completed.
Be sure to follow this blog for updates on these projects.
We'll need volunteers, and many hands make light work!

Friday, April 21, 2017

Storage shed progress report

Some serious building work was done this week.

Colin putting the finishing pieces up, on the back side

Now some shelving goes in


The shelves aren't just for good looks and handy use........
they also reinforce the door from vandals

Rear venting was added as well.

All side wall tin is officially on. Only the light panels are left to install.

To celebrate our progress, we decided to move the roller in.

Colin winched it on in.
Do note, we have a strap winch mounted to the floor that should
be used to do this, but its not assembled yet

Up she goes.

More work to be done, but it's in for the summer now!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Building update!

When it's not raining out, we have been getting work done on the new implement storage building.  This 14x20 shed is to keep our implements indoors and not get damaged while being parked over the summer.  Below are a few photos.

The soffit is on.

Our goal is make it maintenance free.

Now some fascia is going on.
This is the lift system to store implements onto the wall.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Trail improvements planning this week!

On Tuesday the 18th at 7 PM, we are gathering in lower level of Nutini's bar and restaurant located in downtown Hancock to have a beer and plan this summer's trail improvement projects.
Just a file photo, but do bring your ideas!

Planning can be just as much fun as the projects themselves...join us!