Sunday, November 29, 2015

Trail clearing continues...

After taking a few days off for the holiday, one crew went back to work this afternoon clearing the tower loop.

We seen phat bikers today but just got one photo.
They were kind enough to help pull a few limbs off.  Thanks guys!
Please do buy a pass, and support the trails.

Heading our way up the hill towards the tower,
we might have cleared another 500 ft today.

This section is looking better!

Not seen on this post was work crew #2 in action. Hay bales were picked up and dumped where we make a temporary divider fence where our trail intersects with the sled trail in town.  Thanks to John D and Glen A for taking care of that today!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

More of the Tower Loop cleared.

A hardy crew gathered on Saturday morning at 9 and headed to Churning Rapids to clear more of the Tower Loop. Winter is on its way, we hope!

Thanks go to Sandy, Pete, Sam, Jenn, Sheri plus
4-leggeds Sammy and Gromit (photo by Arlyn)

Limbs and small trees leaning in towards the trail were trimmed...

...and dragged away off of the trail.
 Easier to cut them now, than when
the heavy snow pulls them down.
When heavy snow arrives,
we want to be grooming the trails,
 not cutting limbs and trees blocking them.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Today we moved the storage trailer back to where it was this past winter, near Sisu bridge.

Who says you can't move a 2000lb trailer with a 750lb ATV?

Of course it was pretty flat terrain and we topped at about 5mph doing this.

This will be used to assist the cooks at the Glide-N-Gorge soup station
this winter.   I can smell the soup now!

BIG thanks to Mark R. for coming out to help with this and take some photos.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Trail clearing fun continues.

More trail clearing fun is scheduled for Saturday.  This may very well be the last.  If you can help, email, call, or text Arly at    906-370-2911  A few photos taken this week are posted below.

Work continues on most days. Gromit does like to help :-).

Tree's that lean towards the trail, will come down with snow,
so they are removed.

We found much debris left right next to the trail.
Maybe this was left over the winter months?

This looks bad, so Sandy spent much of the day pulling it off into the woods.

Oh ya, I love seeing a properly cleared ski trail that looks this nice.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Fall trail clearing goes on and on.

Trail work does happen on most days, since winter hasn't arrived yet.  Would you like to help??  We sure could use assistance during these gorgeous fall days.    Call or text Arlyn at 370-2911  or email

 Here are photos taken over the past week or so.

This tree along Spring Creek has been slowly coming down for years.

Snow was bound to pull it down and block the trail soon.

Arly took a trusty pole saw to it and made short work of it.

Gromit inspects and certifies this corridor cleared.

Yes we got just a skiff of snow.

Without a side-by-side (UTV), our trusty ol' ATV
is put into use dragging felled trees off the trail.

The Defender, our new UTV, is scheduled
 to show up in December.  We do need it!!

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Trail clearing today.

Trails were cleared in Churning Rapids today via 2 crews.

We'd like to get a hearty group together next Saturday. If that doesn't work for you, the groomers always appreciate extra hands when they are out on the trails during the week. 

If you can help, email, call, or text Arlyn at    906-370-2911

One crew tackled the Ruby Marsh cut-across.

Pete, Glen, and Stas git r done.

Break time! Pete, Glen, Stas, and Gunnar.

Here the 2nd crew in action Sam, Sandy,
and of course Gromit.
It's important to keep the vermin in check, you know.