Monday, February 27, 2017

Still excel report #55

Because of all the snow we received over the course of the day, late on Sunday, Colin went around the system and reset all tracks.  Only trail not done was #4 upstream from Tomasi gravel pit road, up the River Trail to the gate into Churning Rapids.   It's still wet from the warm weather we had and it appears, we'll not be able do it again this year..

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Photo essay of today

As promised earlier, here are a few photos taken today. Quite a variety of weather conditions were seen throughout the day.   Nonetheless, the trails were gorgeous and so was the skiing!
Taken in the early light this morning.

The tracks were way they could be any better.

And of course our most beautiful Swedetown Creek.

As seen on Christensen RD.

Lots of friendly skiers were out today. We're so grateful for our members!
Can't have groomed trails without 'em.

In Churning Rapids, the sun was peeking out...
We seen many, many skier out here today.

Minutes later, at the Mud Lake Loop, it started to snow.

Then it snowed a little harder...

and harder...

Wow! Thanks, Lake Superior for this winter wonderland.

Excel report #54

Early this morning Colin drug all trails and new tracks made soon afterwards.  The trails are now silky smooth and categorized as Extreme Excellent.   Yes, it is that pretty out there.
For our phat bike members, the trails will now be quite firm.  Our drag does that and that's why its our preferred implement to use.    Photos will be posted later today. 

Saturday, February 25, 2017

River Trail washout and trail traffic.

We skied up #4 upstream from Tomasi gravel pit road (which is the River Trail) to investigate the water situation.   Top photo is what we found.  It's unlikely we'll get to reopen this section again this season.    We plan reroute it this fall... please get in touch if you can help with this important job. 
This does not show all the open water we found here.

Friendly trail users seen out there today. 
We actually saw lots of people despite the blistery wind.
Most headed for the Gorge, of course!

Some trail mutts like to stand on skis.

Great snow report #53

The snow we received overnight was quite light and prone to being moved via this wind.   Nonetheless, it was rolled in, then tracks set, and trails are back to Excellent Condition.  
Only trail not done was #4 upstream from Tomasi gravel pit road, up the River Trail to the gate into Churning Rapids.   It's still wet from the warm weather we had.
On the Pine loop.

Sorry but these are all in low light.

In the gravel pit near Sisu hill.

Christensen RD in Churning Rapids.

Excellent, but windy

The grooming team has been out packing and re-setting tracks since very early this morning. With the blustery conditions, the trails will appear blown in at the trail head, but you will find excellent conditions in sheltered areas, especially the Gorge.
Later today, photos will be posted here...but we hope you get out to snap a few of your own too!

Remember to get your tickets to the 9th Annual Glide N Gorge - held next Saturday, March 4th from noon to 3.  Tickets are only $20, kids and dogs are FREE.
Purchase tickets at:
KNSC's webpage, any KNSC board member, Down Wind Sports, Cross Country Sports

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Spring ski/machine report #51

We hoped to groom this fresh snow in this morning, but our beloved grizzly tow machine broke down in less than an hour of use.   Good news is the city side was dragged and new tracks made before the "kaput" happened.  Tracks were also made in part of the gorge before it got to warm out..
What was done is excellent spring conditions.
Oh my, what was done did look nice.

It was just enough snow.

The Grizzly being towed back in.

Oh well.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A return to grooming?

With NOAA claiming we'll see cooler temps with fresh snow in the next few days, we will begin grooming again. :-)  Please tell us, if you'd like to see the Mud lake loop reopened or not??  We can include that, if folks would like to do that most excellent loop.  
Arly,  very happy to still be in the snow business,  A,

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Skier trail, water, and skiing report

We did a quick loop to check on trail conditions, plus potential water crossings and are happy to say, the trails and skiing were quite good.   We'd call them Good Spring Conditions.
We did the city side and gorge trails.
On Quincy Trail.  No open water seen here.

Spring snow bathing is highly recommended... 
All the city side trails were in darn good shape.

Coming up the River Trail.

We checked out Sidewinder and found it in good shape as well.

This is the ditch of Tomasi Rd, where trail 8 crosses. 

And this is the River Trail just north of Tomasi Rd. It's a month early for this!
These areas are on our to-do list of trail drainage repairs.
Support the Capital Campaign, so we can improve the trails sooner than later.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Spring report #50

Sad to announce that with the recent overly warm temps and NOAA claiming we're at 100% chance of rain Monday night, the grooming of our system due to potential water crossings may become a challenge.   
Nonetheless, we have good spring skiing at this time.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Trails Excellent report #50

We drug all trails this morning and mixed in the fresh show.  Everything is again excellent.
Sorry for the late report but I forgot my camera in the work sled after we got in.  We also brought the Grizzly back from the hospital (ak repair shop) so we'll have a full complement of tow machines again.
The trails looked quite nice again

I had 140lbs on the Ginzu to keep it stable and make
 some great tracks in this dragged over hard pack.
In the Swedetown Creek gorge

As seen in Churning Rapids this morning.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Keweenaw Nordic/Sons of Norway Barnelopet

Sunday was the 10th Annual Barnelopet, hosted by Keweenaw Nordic and the Sons of Norway.  
If you appreciate programs like this, please support them by purchasing a season pass.
Registration started at 1:00.

Ski Tigers had a good showing!
All the racers got their bibs on.
The 6K racers lined up first, at 2:00.


And, they're off.

See you later!

Next, the 4K racers.


Showing great strides.

Now for the 2K racers.

They're off!

Looking good!

And now for our up and coming racers...

They skied the 1 K course.

Moms and Dads came out too.

This little strider doesn't need any poles.

Out on the course, some of the 6 K skiers.

A 4 K skier.

Good form!

Almost to the top.

There was even a 4-legged cheerleader out on the course.

Showing Mom how it's done.

Hey! Let me pet that dog.

Learning to ski is fun!

Practicing for the finish line.

On the home stretch.

Somebody has hot hands.

This skier upgraded from 1 to 2K this year!

Ready for the 1K descent.

I tried Dad's poles, but the were a little long for me.

Hey! That Dad has snow shoes! How's he gonna glide with those?

We all had so much fun today. See you next year!