Saturday, January 31, 2015

Everything that we're grooming at this time was redone today and looked quite nice.  

We'll call them excellent.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

CANCELLATION: Moon/Fire/Ski this Saturday, January 31st

With predicted cold and windy weather coupled with fast conditions, we're going to CANCEL this Saturday's moonlight ski for everybody's safety.

Do join us on Sunday, February 1st for the Retro Ski! More info is on our web page,

Have a great weekend on the trails!

Thursday excellent.

With just a minimal amount of fresh snow, we drug and retracked all trails today.  With so darn little new snow, I had low expectations but our implements worked well and they looked quite nice.  These photos will say much more than I can write....

Trails are now rated good to excellent.




Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Trail condition update.

Sam was out early this morning and reset all tracks with the minimal amount of fresh snow we received last night. 

Ski conditions are rated good.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Trail Head update!

On Saturday a few helpful handy fellows got new maps and verbiage put up at all trail heads.  BIG thanks goes to John D., Jay G., and Wayne S.  We've been trying to get these necessary updates done for several years.  Thanks guys!

NOAA says we'll receive more snow on Monday and we'll be out grooming it as soon as we have enough to rehab our trails.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Saturday morning grooming

This morning we waited for the temps to drop below freezing which happened much later than NOAA had predicted.    By 9:30 it was still above freezing but it was close, so thought we'd give it a shot anyway. Trail Conditions are now Good.   We'll say "good" due to ice and fast ski conditions.

The bypass trail was re-dragged for skier safety.

Tomasi Road does remain closed for logging.
 Special note, we seen logging machinery being loaded today.
Could they be done?


Our favorite Swedetown creek.

After scratching up the icy surface with the drag,
we were able to get some wonderful new tracks made.

Sam's dedication to the trails makes the snow fly!


I have no idea how people can keep their trails in top shape
 without this most excellent tool.

This is what we like to see!   Hope you had a great ski today.

Saturday grooming plans

We're headed out just after 9 am today to scratch up the trails with the drag so we can then set fresh tracks. We apologize that we could not start out hours earlier, but it did not cool below freezing as predicted. Guess we need folks to wish for cold and snow again!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

We got out early today to drag trails and reset most tracks.  The city and gorge was done, plus out to Churning Rapids.  After towing the Rhino out last night, we had to redo the mess that made.   

All trails are again excellent.  

 The below photo's will show just what we mean.

Lame Rhino was extracted!

At dusk last night, Jim Tervo came with his Gator and pulled our broken Rhino out of Churning Rapids for us.  Thanks Jim!

We couldn't have done this without Jim's help.
Jim grooms the wonderful Chassell ski trails.


All hooked up and ready to go.

We're off!

Past the gate into CR.

These photos are blurry because it was dark out.

On the last K to the road.


The Rhino was left along Tomasi RD that's seen here.
A flatbed truck will be here today and bring it to
Hancock Bike for repairs

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Maasto and Churning Rapids various updates.

Lots has been happening on Maasto and Churning Rapids trails. All trails were re-groomed today following the day's work. Trails remain excellent to good.

Gorgeous weather to be out in. Arly took this while dragging CR trails today.

Here we are preparing the Rhino to be towed out.

These sleds will greatly reduce the friction and power needed to drag it out.

Sam slips past the Rhino to groom CR.

Awfully nice!

Gromit made it out for an inspection.

Trail Mutt approved!

Sam finishing up for the day.

Hope you got out to enjoy!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Maasto and the River trail were done today.

After all of Maasto and the River trail were regroomed today, we went to work preparing for the Rhino's extrication. Once that is done, we'll be able to resume usual grooming in Churning Rapids. See the photos further below.

This was taken Sunday morning along the Pine loop decent.

Some happy skiers we bumped into.

On the gorge trails.


We found the long-lost water hole along the river trai!

After some work, we thankfully drove the Grizzly out of it.

River Trail north of Tomasi Rd. (trail 4)

See how the bank has sloughed off?

Cutting some brush to allow the implements past the Rhino.



Rescuing the roller from its entrapment in Churning Rapids.


Just by the skin of your teeth....or of the tree perhaps.

After the roller was rescued, we towed it back to town,.


Late in the day as we headed back, the sun came out and it snowed. Gotta love the Keweenaw!