Sunday, October 25, 2015

Trail junction updates

This fall, among many other things, we are adding numbers to all trail junctions and will update the maps so they will have a corresponding number on them. This will help our trail users have an easier time knowing where they are. Also, we hope it never happens, but if a rescue of an injured or lost trail user is needed, the additional signage will be helpful especially to a responder not familiar with the system.

The winter trailhead at M-203 and Christensen Rd.
will get updated and re-locate these signs.

We checked each point to determine what
updates are needed.  Gromit helped.

We'll put up a new map here, and add a confidence marker.

Here the junction marker is installed.
Later, a new map with the junctions labeled will
go on the sign board.

This one got pushed off by the growing tree, so we added
new screws to it and put it back up. We'll add a confidence marker here.

The Spring Creek corridor has been getting lots of tender loving care this fall.

Now on our way around Mud Lake.  We did lots of miles today!
We'll add a map holder on a post nearby, and move these
signs onto that....hopefully this season. 
The drills battery died to manual we now are.

At the south end of Mud Lake loop, near the cemetery.

Same spot, opposite side of the tree.

It was a fine fall day on the trail! Hope you got out to enjoy, too.

If you'd like to help, Arly needs assistance clearing trails.  370-2911 or

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Sigma Phi Epsilon made a difference today...St. Urho's reroute DONE!

For "Make-A-Difference Day", Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity came out and helped open a new section on the St. Urho's trail.   The  power line corridor was moved to where our trail was, so we re-routed it back into the woods.  It will be more fun to ski than the old section was anyway.

The intrepid whacking crew knocked the grass down.

A little drizzle didn't stop them!

The lead crew got the corridor cleared so the whackers could finish up.

Many thanks to these fine chaps from Sigma Phi Epsilon.

First peep at the new working vehicle

On Friday the new Can-am Defender demo model arrived at Houghton Power Sports for looks.  This is an early version and none are at dealers yet or up for sale.

Like this one, we'll have roof lights and light guards for working at night.

A nice looking cab with great operator visibility.

The cab was configured for easy in and outs.

The working end.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Trail Work on Saturday, October 17, 2015

We all thank the 11 guys from the Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity for their enthusiastic trail work.

We walked in from the Tomassi Trailhead to the Triangle, and then worked on the trail from there to the Tower and close to the Pow-Pow trail.  Here is the work in progress:

And at our lunch break:

After finishing the trail work, we stopped for a group photo at the tower before walking back to the trailhead:

We really appreciate your help and many thanks to Bryan Lagola who coordinated the arrangements.  We hope to see you guys again soon and enjoy the trails!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

New work/tow machine in the works.

KNSC purchased its first UTV (or side-by-side some people call them) 6 years ago and learned just how more efficient fall work could be using one.   Maybe you've seen photos of the Rhino towing 2000 lbs loads of rock and gravel to the middle bridge project this summer.  Plus over the winter it was the "go to" machine when trees fell across the trail or when so much deep snow had accumulated that a stronger tow machine was needed.   After the 6 years of hard work and broke down for over a month this past winter, the Rhino was sold and a new work machine is in the cards.   It will be  a 1000cc powered Can-am Defender.   Here is Can-am's info page:

Here's a cool review video about its engineering:

This is our ongoing effort to keep our machines up to date, and dependable.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Pay pipe paint and more trails cleared.

Some folks may not realize that on most days, some trail work is being done.

Both pay pipes had become faded over the years, so last fall the pipe at Tomasi trailhead was cleaned up and repainted. Sunday's warm weather was our last chance to spiffy up the one at the chalet.

Not seen is the cleaning and priming.


The card board helped with the wind

To help out the folks who can't read the sign.


The wind this week blew some rotten trees down

This was done on the "old" trail to Churning Rapids just today.

Done!  Gromit approves.

We hope you come to help sometime or at least buy a pass.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Bridge work bonus photos, work B on Saturday.

More decking photos taken this past Saturday morning. 

This was the last photo before it was covered with decking.

Then the Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity fellows showed up.

Decking is being moved in.

Gromit inspects work as the first few are being laid down.

Things are really moving along now.

Almost done.


Fall colors have really came out the past few days.

This Saturday, October 10th we'll be having another work bee. We could use a couple hands at the Middle Bridge to help with gravel unloading. We'll also need a group to help with brushing in Churning Rapids.

Can you give a few hours of your time in behalf of the trails? If so, email Sandy - or call/text 370-1077

If you are not able to give your time, your financial gift will help to fund more hired labor hours. We appreciate either...thanks for using and supporting the trails!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Maasto-Hiihto Middle Bridge Decking Completed, Oct. 3, 2015

At 10 am on Friday, the Middle bridge looked like this:

But by 3 pm, it now looks like:

an almost fully usable bridge.  It is certainly great to walk or bike across, although work still needs to be done on the approach ramps.

This is thanks to the great work of the Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity, who generously devoted their time and skills to moving and installing the decking.

Here they are in the work process:


Thursday, October 1, 2015

Trail grade updates.

As you know, the Middle Bridge is about to be "decked" on Saturday which is exciting news. But we're also doing dirt work to the trails to improve skiing.  The photos seen here, is the decent into the sand pit at the top of Sisu hill.  Today this overly narrow cut was widened, trees taken out, holes filled and hill moderated with the the most handy compact tractor ever. 

Gee whiz this section now looks nice. It will ski a lot better - no more bottleneck!

Here gravel was added to stabilize the trail an
a water bar was cut to prevent future erosion.