Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Bridge decking work bee scheduled.

This Saturday morning, October 3rd, the bridge decking is scheduled to be installed.

To prepare for that, today some of the beam top boards were installed
that screws will pass through to hold the decking on.

  Plus the end dams were installed which keeps ramp gravel from
flowing in under the bridge. If we can find some help, we'd move
gravel into the ramp, so Saturday's work could be more easily
and quickly be done.

If you'd like to help this week, we need some assistance moving gravel down to make ramps.  This would only take a few hours and needs to be done to help the decking crew on Saturday.  Let me know if you can help at 370-2911 or

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Trail clearing and bridge update.

Photos taken this week on the trail.  Work progresses on some part, most days.

Sandy is working on weeds, in the Dam Meadow.

They grow tall here.

The view afterwards.

Gromit inspects beam placement.

And Mark is tightening the bolts on the diaphragms.

Seen along the trail. Gives you an idea, why we work to keep them open.


Taken today on the river trail, near the gate into Churning Rapids.

Not completely done, but lots closer.

 If you'd care to help keep these open, please buy a pass.  And come out to help some time. Nice trails like these, aren't free.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

River Trail romp.

Today a crew started at Tomasi bridge and worked upstream to clear the River Trail (#4).  Please come out and help sometime.  Each fall it takes between 500 to 1000 hours to get the trail cleared for skiing fun.

Lisa, Augie, Sheri and Sammy went ahead to lop and throw branches off.


Teresa lead a crew who came behind with whackers.

BIG thanks to Pete, Teresa and Sarah for knocking them weeds down.

This is how it looked afterwards

It looks great!
Thanks to everyone who came out and got this section ready for snow.

Stay tuned for later announcements for more trail clearing fun.

Also note, the new Middle Bridge will likely be decked this coming week.
Could you help with that?

Friday, September 25, 2015

Bridge project moves into diaphragm frame additions.

Today the beams were being moved into place until we discovered a nearby tree was against a bracket.  To shuffle it the final 5", sadly the tree needs to be removed.  The diaphragm frames where added as seen in the photos.

The end frames are being bolted in here.

Wes came by to help.

Big iron?


Why on earth is Mark looking at the plans? :-)

Start clearing the gorge on Saturday.

We hope to start clearing the gorge bottom on Saturday morning at 9am.  We asked people to RSVP because we'll do other work, if not enough people care to help.  We're meeting at the green storage shed at the Tomasi TH.  If we do get help, we'll be working upstream, starting at the bridge on Tomasi Road.  Ask if you don't know where that is.   Hope we see you! or 370-2911

Trails mutt's think its important to keep them open.

Yes, it's that pretty out there!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Beams lowered and moved onto abutments.

It may not look like much, but we got an important job done which moved us much closer to job completion.

1st thing was we had to "find" the abutments.
We'd not seem them in weeks!

The pile of black rubber pads sitting on the beam is for them to rest on

How do we move them??  Most of the time, 2 jacks were used.

Here she's been placed on the pads.

Some people walk on the these beams like an experienced iron worker. :-)

Here we're moving the stacked beam off the top.


By the end of the day, all beams were down and resting near their final positions.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Good bye old bridge.

With help from a crew of Pete's PT students, the old bridge was largely disassembled and hauled away from the creek today.   I should have taken photos when we had 10 people taking the old decking off!

With the decking gone, these follows pry the timbers up and off.

Now it's down to the reinforcing beams that were added last fall.

We had an excellent crew here today.
Unfortunately, they didn't all make it into the photos.

Most of the timbers were towed out via Rhino.

And away they go!

Ya, he's coming out.

Late in the afternoon, the students left and Pete stayed on to do more.

The largest timber remains but was cut before we left.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Last beam down!

At 7:30 this morning the last beam was loaded at the fairgrounds and moved down.  The photos will say it all.

How do you make corners with a 42ft long trailer?   Wide!

In the sand pit Pete checks the load binders.

Then we continue down.

What a gorgeous morning to be out in.

At the Sisu bridge we switch tractors.


Looks like fall!

Now we move decking to help support this tired old bridge.

Some of its decking is in very poor condition.

Blocking was added to get the trailer and hitch out.

Last the beam was lowered.
We'd have not got this done without Pete's help!

Done!  At least the beam moving part is.....

The new beams are not resting on the old bridge,
so they won't impact its removal.

 On Monday we will begin dismantling the old structure.   Can you help?

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The two beam shuttle.

Starting at a casual hour this morning, the 2nd beam was shuttled down.  Then it was placed on blocks located on top of the old bridge, then lowered and slid sideways to be parked on top of the 1st beam.  This was done to allow space for the last one.   This took 4 workers about 4 hours to complete.

Across the sand pit we glide towards the gorge.

The hair pin at the top of Sisu.

Mark at the bottom of Sisu hill where we switch tractors.

With the compact tractor we coast along the prettiest gorge in the Keweenaw.

The last bit guided by Larry.


On Thursday morning we plan to bring the final beam down.