Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Churning Rapids conditions.

To help organize and discuss the work that needs to be done, a trail recovery group is meeting on Thursday evening at 7:00, at Hancock's Porvoo Park pavilion, on the waterfront.   
Here is damage seen in Churning Rapids.
At the triangle in CR. Lots and lots of water.
The bike bridge over spring creek, just narrowly survived!
Spring Creek corridor has several washouts which has made the trail too narrow
for the grooming equipment to pass.
An excavator or tractor with a backhoe would easily fix this.
More washouts on the Spring creek corridor.

This bridge was raised up and staked down a few summers ago.
It didn't budge! Just need to replace the gravel ramps to make it functional again.

Hope we see you at the pavilion on Thursday evening Porvoo Park pavilion!

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