Saturday, June 23, 2018

Pedestrian bridge back in.

This morning, a crew of 3 retrieved a lost ramp from the dam meadow and got it installed.
All in all, the pedestrian bridge is pretty good, for being put back as a temporary solution.
Here is the ramp, being towed up Dam hill after dragging it by hand, out of the meadow.
We are now in Tomasi RD ditch.  Almost there!

Made it.

Here Sandy is adding rock and gravel, to help hold it in and moderate the grade up it.
Cribbing had tons or rock added to them as well.

Done!  Both ramps had much gravel added to them.
Jim M really was here helping this morning but we didn't get a shot of him.

Well, it's not REALLY done, as it still needs to be 2ft higher and mounted on posts.
Some mutts tested it passed their inspection.
BIG thanks goes to Jim M and Sandy A for all their help.  Oh and the trail mutts too!

This is the old dam that was blown out.
We'll clear this area so we can keep the trail open from
Dam Hill to Sidewinder.
We could use help next week to start clearing the debris and save lumber.
Just contact us at 370-2911

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