Thursday, June 21, 2018

City side trail conditions

Today, a few of us walked the city side trails in search of storm damage and see what can be done in the short term..
This is the pedestrian bridge in Swedetown creek gorge.
He need to get this back in place so people don't have to use
Tomasi pit road to access the gorge again.
Not that hard of a job to do and the bridge looks to be in fine shape.

This was dirt before the flood.  Now its a rock garden.
We hope to put it back, near where it was before but on 6x6
posts and higher than it was.

This is the Pine loop decent that goes to the Ped bridge.
We need to get this gated because the atv people are now using it and
that will cause it to erode away.
Some erosion was found on the Pine loop.

This is behind the Old Apostolic church on trail 2.  This culvert is plugged.

Still behind the Old Apostolic church on trail 2 in Hodges ditch.
Corduroy remains and gravel was washed in here.

On trail 2 heading back to Tomasi RD.  No major washouts were found.

 To discuss the work that needs to be done and get some trails back, a meeting is planned tonight at 7:00, at Hancock's Porvoo Park pavilion, on the waterfront.   Dogs, kids, everyone is welcome! 
Feel free to bring your favorite colored beverage. 

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