Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Skiing is excellent!

With fresh snow covering the tracks, I thought skiing would be slow with no grip. Wrong on both! Excellent glide, plus grip with blue extra - a skier's dream.
Sorry I forgot my "real" camera so I just took one lame photo with my phone.
Gromit says. hope you got out today!

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Trails repor # 38

We'll be out early Monday morning to rehab the trails but we are heading out of town ASAP when we are done to travel to Ironwood MI.   We'll not stop at home where we normally do trail reports from.  ABR trails is hosting their annual equipment demo days, so we'll be kicking tires (or tracks), asking questions, and going on test runs of machines.   This is our ongoing effort to stay informed of new machinery in our industry.
File photo from past demo days.

Heikinpaiva parade fun!

KNSC once again had a float in the Heikinpaiva parade. It's an annual tradition!
Everybody attends!
Decorated machines getting lined up.

These fellas decorated the street. It was all organic.
There were so many friendly people in the crowd.

All done! Hope you got out to enjoy this mid-winter celebration.

Excellent report # 37

Oh ya.   The dragging of this fresh snow in has brought us back to where we need and want to be.  That is, extreme excellent.   The below pictures say it all.
The open water on trail #4 where it heads to Churning Rapids looks like we'll not get it covered back over. While this spot is ski-able, we'll admit that this short segment is the only area not in excellent condition.  This location needs be corrected with a tractor and backhoe.
It doesn't get any better than this!

It is snowing out, so skiing done later today will be "fluffier".

Hope you got out today!

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Drag report # 36

With more snow in our forecast, and a few locations opening up because of running water, we went out tonight to smooth these locations up. We took lots of photos, so you can see how things look at night.
Hooking up the trusty drag.

He headed down Tomasi Rd to take care of some bad bumps sledders had left last week.

Multiple passes here finally smoothed the trail back to normal.

Then we headed out around the loop that heads towards Churning R and back.

One of the passes over the bumps.

Viewing the pedestrian bridge from the turn-around at the bottom of The Pine Loop.
Bridge just north of Tomasi Rd.

Same spot.

Yes, the bridges in the dam meadow are very narrow for this machine.

Water melted voids along Sidewinder.

Whoops!  Drag lost over the bridges edge!
No catastrophe though, it pulled right back up.

Can you guess where this is?
Free dinner at Fitzgerald's next week to the first correct answer.

Same spot.

Sunday morning, we'll be out in the morning for more dragging, then track setting.

Friday, January 27, 2017

More snow! Trail report # 35.

Sorry for the late post but we just got in.   The couple of inches of snow we received last night worked in very well and the trails looked quite good again.  You can still see the old snow below, but skiing will now be good to excellent.   And more snow in our forecast!
This is what we like to see.

On the RR grade in town.   Looking quite good.

The sun came out for a few minutes.

We'll be out again in the morning to freshen things up.

The snow mushrooms sure shrunk!

Hope you get out to enjoy them.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Conditions still good, spring like.

We were out to check on water crossings on the trails today and found ski conditions still good and spring like.
Water was crossing the trail on the new River Trail to Churning Rapids
 (trail #4)  I think the grooming department can cross this.

Skiing was pretty darn good!

Sandy and Gromit removed some trail debris.

We headed up the old Rail Road Ravine, to scope out Quincy Trail.

The ditch at Hodges Road is of course water filled.

Thanks to a fall trenching project, this water is staying in this ditch
on the side of the trail and going into the culvert - rather than flowing across the trail.
We hope to have all of our drainage issues resolved in the future.
Can you help, but contributing to KNSC's Capital Campaign?

Monday, January 23, 2017

Cooler temps and snow in sight!

NOAA says we'll be seeing cooler temps and snow late this week.   We again have two functional tow machines so we'll be out to roll and check trails for water crossings.  Water flowing across trails may make it impossible to re-groom them.   This is why we hope to purchase a tractor ASAP with dirt moving ability to help us control this problem.
Lets fix it!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Spring skiing continues! New trail in the works?

We were out flagging an old trail we hope to reopen this fall and found spring like skiing still pretty darn good!! This old trail starts near the the turn-around location at the top of sidewinder hill, on trail #4.   To find it just head towards Mud Lake and 100 yards past the turn-around you'll see flags on the north side of the trail.   Would you like to help reopen it??  Just get in touch!
It's flagged with blue ribbons the whole way.  Check it out!

Very nice terrain and trees on this old corridor.

Arly and Gromit ski down the old trail where it leaves trail #4.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Great skiing out there!

We headed down the gorge this morning and found the skiing was so good, we kept on going to trail #9 and scoped out an old trail we'd like to reopen this fall.  
Another hassle-free crossing!

Grip and glide were surprisingly good.
This is the two tracked trail #9.

Not everyone needs a regular bridge to cross.

Hope you get out on the trails this weekend.