Saturday, March 25, 2017

Re-route planning and storage building growing up.

As stated earlier, we'd like to reroute trail 4, upstream from Tomasi road were we lost it this year from water coming down it.   Today Sandy, Gromit and Arly skied and flagged a potential route to bypass the wet section.   Please go out there and follow it.  We assertively marked it with blue tape.
This is the section we'd love to bypass.
The re-route will be more scenic, and will "flow" better for skiers.

While in the gorge, this is where the re-route peels off.
It's marked quite well, so you can follow it.
Wear glasses to protect your eyes and face from brush.
Please ski or hike it and tell us what you think.
It follows the gorge a ways before it turns left and away from
our favorite creek

We hope to clear it this spring and we'll need help to do this.
If you'd like to help, just get in touch.
With no new snow falling, we got the rest of the roof tin installed
on our implement storage shed.

This shed will protect the grooming implements during the off-season.

Some flooring was also installed.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Gorge photos, plans for trail work this summer.

We were in the gorge today to look at the creek and inspect a few of the many bridges KNSC has down there.  As a bonus, the ice was quite stunning.
As you can see in this photo, the water has gone down with the cooler temps.

Up stream from the Middle Bridge.

The area's most beautiful creek.

In the distance, you can see the Middle Bridge.

Snow melt coming up from the bottom.

This bridge is near the Sidewinder trail to Mud Lake.

Not much snow on the south facing slopes.

Just like a chandelier.

Sisu bridge support still looks good.

Keeping the trails nice is a year around job.  We are planning several trail improvement projects this summer. We hope to install culverts, reopen an old trail between Sidewinder and Mud Lake, re-route trail #4 upstream from Tomasi gravel pit road out of the wet location at the s-curve.   To organize this we are meeting Tuesday April 18th at 7 at Nutini's in Hancock to discuss details.  Like to join us?
 If you can't help, please support improvements by making a donation to the equipment capital campaign.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Warm weather / No snow.

Sorry to announce that our base has been thinning, and with no fresh snow in our forecast, any more grooming this spring looks rather unlikely.   Our trails remain open for skiing, phat biking and snow shoeing.   Hope we see you this summer at a work b.
Consider getting involved - serve on the KNSC board. Regular board meeting Monday 3/20, 7:00 at the chalet. General Annual Membership Meeting April 17th. Everyone is always welcome, at all meetings.
Last, remember - it is NEVER too late to buy your trail pass. Your support is what makes trail improvements and ongoing maintenance possible...and is always appreciated!

Trails are in "spring condition", which can be the most enjoyable skiing of the season.

Back country skiing is still good, but maybe not for long.

Can you help us re-open this old corridor this spring?  
This is on the way to Mud lake.  Watch the blog for updates.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Kindling report #60

The skiff of snow we received over the past few days was rolled down last night, and dragged in this morning.   Of course this wasn't enough to cover over the sticks that remain on our trails.   Nonetheless, some sections looked quite good, while others didn't have enough fresh material to make them ideal.  We'll call the conditions good spring skiing
Do note, we still have lots of tree debris on the trails.

We'll take photos were the trail is pretty. Please support them and buy a pass.

 Grooming will continue for as long as the weather is conducive.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Spring trail report #59

Early today we drug all trails and reset tracks.   The wind we've had has dumped lots of branches and entire trees onto our trails which were winched off.  Nonetheless, we are definitely into spring ski conditions.  We only received a couple inches of new snow since yesterday so while making new tracks, we seen trail conditions vary from excellent to poor.   

So we'll categorize them as Good Spring conditions.

Yes we stop and stop and stopped again to throw branches off, but we can only do so much.

Looks good on the RR grade which is trail #2.

In the gorge.  Yes we do have spring skiing now.

Some trails looked quite good.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Snow-n-wind reporting

With the joyous return of winter, the grooming department will be out to work this new snow in and if we get enough, make fresh tracks.   Stay tuned for reports.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Thanks all who attended today's Glide!

Another successful Glide-N-Gorge happened today. This fundraiser goes towards trail improvements, so skiing that is good today is even better tomorrow! 
Left in the chalet today. Call or email a board member if you need the
lock combo to get in.

Our intrepid set-up crew
MMM! Soups galore.

It was a perfect day to socialize outside.

Many yummy appetizers to get the gliders going.

The creek was almost froze over from the previous night subzero temps.
It was a balmy 32 for the Glide!

The fire was heating up skiers, and of course a few marshmallows.

Soup's on!

The kids had a blast while Jay's camp chili kept warm.
What a gorgeous day to support the trails.

Last was desserts at the chalet with music by JD Uponen.

Friday, March 3, 2017

G-N-G setup, trail report #58

Saturday the 4th is Keweenaw Nordic's 9th Annual Glide in the Gorge. Come out and enjoy some tasty delights while supporting the trails!  We'll have two food stations strategically placed in or near the most beautiful gorge in the area, plus desserts and music in the chalet afterwards. Only $20 for the most fun you'll have all season!  This is noon to 3 and tickets will be for sale at the chalet.

All tracks were refreshed today and trails remain in excellent condition.

Today food stations were being set up.

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File photos from past years
Hope to see you there! This our most important fundraiser of the year -
if you can't join us, please donate, to support these wonderful trails.


Thursday, March 2, 2017

School yard & General trail report #57

Some trails were drug and tracks reset this morning in order to level them, plus make them more durable for the warm day we have predicted here come Monday.  This would include Trail 4 and 9 around mud lake and Vista and Sidewinder was done,  In Churning Rapids trail #10 which is the tower loop plus Trails 8 to get out there and back.   All trails remain excellent but we do have a breeze developing which might blow some exposed trails in. 
Also done today was the school yard at the Barkell grade school in Hancock.
In the school yard.

Sorry but the light was not idea out there today.   Nonetheless, trails look super nice.