Friday, June 22, 2018

Pedestrian bridge rehab

Today the pedestrian bridge near Tomasi pit road in the gorge was winched back to its original position.  On Saturday we hope to compete its installation.
Do note, this bridge was not replaced, but just set into a usable position. This is a temporary fix, to allow pedestrians to access the gorge via the Pine Loop (trail 2) and cross the creek safely, while staying off of the gravel pit haul road. In the future, this bridge will need to be placed on posts high enough to keep it safely above high water.
Winching the bridge out of the creek

Once the bridge cribbing was removed, winching it over was a snap.

Winching the cribbing back to where it belongs.

One ramp was nearby. The other is down in the meadow.

Rehabilitating the cribbing.

Once the bridge was lifted, we could get it back onto the cribbing.

The land owner came by looking for his long lost water pump that went missing during
 the flood.  And Jim found it!

Some trail mutts came by to check the progress.

Paul spent the rest of the afternoon lending a hand.

Placing the cribbing.

Squirrel hunting was great!

Lifting the bridge back on top of the cribbing.
Nice to have Paul helping with trails today.

Done! And trail mutt tested, and approved.
The ramp for this side needs to be recovered from the dam meadow.

That first step is a doozy!

We'll finish this project on Saturday morning. Stop by if you can help!

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