Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Trail report #31

Trail report of mostly photos.  On Saturday, if a few people would care to help, we'd then work on reopening of the old Outback trail to Mud Lake. Let us know if you can assist.
Parts showed up for the Kodiak.

More trail map posts went in today.  This on St Urho's.

Drainage ditches were dug.  (we dug this yesterday)

Another post was planted on the Pine Loop (aka Snowfence trail).
Old map post seen on the ground, in the back

This one will also mark the edge of the culvert,
 so the grooming machines don't fall over the edge this winter.

What wonderful weather to visit Swedetown creek gorge.
Wait, that would be on any day!

Monday, November 27, 2017

Trail report #30

Trail work of some sort happens each day but trail reports might not.  Here is part of what happened today.  Other things done today was trenching, large rocks moved and corduroy shuttled to where it would help, but no photos of that were taken.
Posts have been going up to better mark our trails.

Over the summer, some very helpful people broke this lock and the
roof that was supposed to protect it from weather. 
They've both been replaced and maybe the roof will be a bit more durable.

A 6x6 that was used on the Middle Bridge project was hauled out
for another project we may start on shortly. 
That would be school yard equipment storage.

It was so darn pretty in the gorge today!

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Multi day Trail report #29

Oh, it's been a wet fall...several trenches were dug today to drain down some huge puddles.
This is on trail 8 as it leaves Tomasi Rd and heads north away from the road.

Also on Trail 8, looking to the south. The birch stand is in the distance, the brushy section behind.
This water might have been 12" deep where the ski trail crosses.

More wet sections!  The section of the Pine Loop aka snow fence trail. 
 Today Arlyn and Bob J went to work getting them to drain.  Thanks to John D.
for getting some pics while out hiking.
We got water flowing good now! 
This is why we need a compact tractor with a backhoe.

You can already see the water level coming down.

Also must thank Sandy A. for snapping some pics today too.

Never until this year has water been a problem here at this location.

Hopefully it won't bother skiing over the winter months now. 

Thanks Bob J. for lending a hand again!
Earlier this week, at the junction of trail 3 and 8 near Tomasi Rd.
The old relic had a limb trimmed. Can't believe it hadn't yet fallen onto the trail!
With the UTV still in the shop, Arlyn's Tacoma becomes the trail clearing machine.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Trail report #28

We have been working on trails this week and got St. Urho's loop done which is the trail right at the chalet.  We've also installing corduroy in an attempt to keep the water from washing away our snow, once it starts up again.  No promises but we are working hard to make sure we can get over the many wet areas we have.  With most trails now cleared, we've added posts where signage was needed.   Equipment and trails will cleared or upgraded, as weather allows.

Sign posts went in on trail #2 behind the Old Apostolic church

Another one behind the Old Apostolic church.
Not a bad job when you have the right tools for the task.
Corduroy was added on Trail #2 where we've never seen water in the fall before.
Parts showed up to update the drag we use at Hancock's elementary school.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Culvert report #27

Work was done today and a culvert was installed on the River Trail Extension that was opened up this spring.  There was so much water flowing here, we either had to install corduroy or a culvert or we wouldn't have been able to groom it.
Loaded for work!  This is the new Kodiak going into service this year.  The UTV is in the shop.

Here you can see the small trench across the trail that was dug this spring.

Now the trench is becoming much larger and straight.

More help arrives!

We have lunch.

A certain puppy helped as well.

Yes we do need, and do hope to get a tractor and backhoe soon.

A test fitting.  This culvert is 20ft long so as to make sure groomers can't fall into wet spots.

Many adjustments were made to get it right.

Trail mutt supervision.
A wet fall it's been.

This location is normally dry.
Back fill is being added and tapped down. 

Done!!  Big thanks to Dave N and Bob J! 
This project would not have been done without there help.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Many day report #26

This post is from many work days over the past week.
Some of us did a trail inspection hike...others, a ride! This is in Churning Rapids.
Wally says "HI JASON!"

The always-wet spot on Spring Creek trail.

A trench was re-opened to drain this big puddle on Sunset Trail.

Flowin' good now!

This is "before" the trenching.

At the triangle, as you enter Churning Rapids from Sunset Trail.

And the other leg of the triangle.
Not sure we'll get snow implements across it into CR this winter.

On Ruby Marsh Trail. This spot has never been wet before. Unpassable today.

On Monday, Cassie was out to help get St Urho's spiffed up.
This loop is almost done now.
Today the crew hauled corduroy from one area of the New River Trail,
up to fill some big water filled holes near the pine forest.

Out it goes!  Multiple loads were moved and used as corduroy today.
This has been a devil of a wet year, and more time has been spent drained wet spots
and adding corduroy than ever before.