Sunday, December 31, 2017

Excellent we are!

After 100" of snow this year to date and dragging our trails, this morning we can finally classify all trail conditions as Excellent.
Heading out!  Colin had been dragging for a few hours by then.

Sun poking through

This was taken on the Outback trail.

Hope you can get out there to see, just how pretty things have gotten.

All trail condition are finally Excellent, just what we like to see.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Today's snowy report

Our big plans to roll and set tracks this morning turned into more like a blizzard, so we gave up and spent the day rolling and dragging trails.  On Sunday, New Year's Eve, we plan to get out early to pack the trails and reset tracks. We'll be hosting the Nordic Ski Club of Milwaukee stop by and say hello!
Here are photos taken by the grooming department and Sandy A.

Snow...lovely snow!

The River Trail as it nears the Churning Rapids gate

Sunset Trail in Churning Rapids

Trails are looking much more level.

Saturday blustery grooming plan

Folks, the plan today was for all trails to be rolled, then tracks set. However, while the City side trails were getting tracks set the grooming team found that there is still too much snow for the sled to tow in. Plus the tracks are being blown in as they are set. So as of today mid/late morning many of the trails will all be regroomed with the leveling drag. Bundle up when you get out today!

Friday, December 29, 2017

Excellent to good, conditions continue.

All trails were retracked this morning and remain in Excellent to Good condition..
NOAA states that snow will continue, so we'll be rolling, dragging etc, etc as needed.
Lots and lots of skiers out here today!

Could it get any prettier out here?

Wagging tails because of all the fun!   Trails are excellent as well.

Snow mushrooms are in full bloom.

Skiing is great!

Everyone is having fun.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Excellent to good, conditions are.

Today we put up a bunch of "no snowmobile" signs to help reduce the "I didn't know" sled incursions.  Doing this does help to reduce the damage.  We also re-set tracks on the city side and some gorge trails today.    On Friday we should be able to redo the whole system.

Deeper snow very much helps our rough system out.

Yes, it was pretty out there today.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Excellent report #1

Yes, that is correct.  For the 1st time this year, we've had enough snow and cool weather to get our trails back to excellent condition.  We started to drag them yesterday, and will continue doing that.  Please note, all of the trail sections are not all excellent; some we'd call good.  We will continue to drag trails which will firm up this cold snow, and bring all trails, to a higher level.  Phat bikers will find any that were dragged, be a firm riding condition.

This is what to strive to obtain.

Dragging the trails does make a world of difference.

It is that pretty out there.
What can I say?  The pictures say it all!

Another candlelight luminary success!

Keweenaw Nordic's annual candlelight luminary was last night!  We had over 60 people in attendance and fun was had by all.
With less wind this year, the candles stayed lit.
What a beautiful night for a little ski among the candles

Of course we had snowshoers, dogs and a phat biker as well.
Everyone is welcome here.

Sandy and Jeanne prepare for the crowd.

Due to low temps, some people had binding problems.

Chili is served!

This event does support the trails.
Thanks to all who attended. See you next year!

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Trails report, Dec 26th.

We were out three times yesterday to knock down this lake snow,  attempting to improve trail snow depth.  Today everything looked much, much better.   All trails were rolled and most received tracks, exception being the west side of Mud Lake (trail 4) and Thoroughfare, down to the summer parking lot (trail 16).  We've included a few bonus photos taken last night.

Yes it was snowing last night as we headed out.
Packing snow down earlier, helps to keep it from the wind,
freeze the water, plus compaction increases.

We bumped into Mark K doing the phat bike trails

Snow was tumbling off the side of Sidewinder

Things remain rough, but still these are the best looking tracks yet this season!

Quincy Trail

The cool weather has helped Swedetown creek keep its "most pretty" status.

Candle luminaries tonight!

Tonight is the 5th Annual Candle Luminary Ski at the Four Seasons Chalet, located within the Houghton Country Fairgrounds in Hancock.   Keeping with KNSC's lighter touch on rules, you can snow-shoe, ski, bike, hike or tow your sled along. As always, dogs are welcome. 
Afterwards will be a chili cook off!
This is a FREE, family-friendly event.
Too chilly for you to ski? Come anyway - you don't want to miss the cook-off.
The bon fire will be lit and warmth of the season will be found.

Treats and chili afterwards.

It's really something beautiful to see.

Gromit and Wally hope to see you there.

Monday, December 25, 2017

Rolling into lake snow.

With temps dropping and fresh snow falling overnight, Colin was out early this morning and rolled everything down.  This was to help freeze over the wet locations and gather more snow, since the wind was predicted to kick in today.  After that, an abbreviated pattern of tracks were made because of the wind and low temperature.  Trails on the city side plus Vista trail was done, as was the gorge including the New River Trail extension (trail #4) for the 1st time ever!  This new section was cut out this spring.  The old route to Churning Rapids (trail #8) was also tracked this morning.  Of course trails remain rough, but they are improving!
Heading out!  It was rather chilly out, hence abbreviated tracks.
Sandy and the dogs were also out and took photos.   The pedestrian bridge.

Colin had rolled this only a few hours earlier and new snow was filling it back in.

At the official Keweenaw Nordic Christmas tree on Trail #4, located on the River Trail extension.

Just gorgeous out there today.
More snow is improving the trails

1st time tracks being made on the River Trail extension!


Hope we see you out there!  Please support the trails and purchase a pass or membership.