Thursday, March 8, 2018

Todays grooming photos: plus implement and grooming chat.

Below are a few photos taken today.  Yes, it was that pretty out there.   Some people have been asking us, why do we roll, drag or do whatever to the snow and make it into something we can have great skiing on?  In response, this spring we will have a talk concerning this and open to anyone who like to see the tools, plus answer the why's, how's or when we groom.  Or answer any questions you might have.  

In the gorge this morning

This is what we work very hard to make. Plus a firm base for our phat biking members.

In this photo, you can see its teeth have cut into the hardened surface and
the Ginzu has been weighted.  (Photo not taken today)
Here it has 140lbs on it to keep it engaged and stabilized,
while cutting this ice like material.

Seen here is the Ginzu.  This a wonderful tool that makes some fabulous tracks (and corduroy). But what it doesn't do well is remove air from the snow, in fact, if we have three inches of new snow, this machine will push much of it out its sides and we revert to another implement, that will be prepacking the snow.

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