Sunday, March 4, 2018

G-N-G and GREAT skiing!

Saturday was the 10th annual Glide-N-Gorge and we'd like to thank the many folks who supplied food for it, or came out to enjoy the event with us.
Skiing remains quite good and these photos say it all.  We will groom if fresh snow arrives or the trails deteriorate.  Lake ice is melting, so lake snow will be back.
Who doesn't love a social ski on a warm sunny March day?  Photo by Miriam P.

"I ski for food!"  Photo by Miriam P.

Skiers get ready.   Hmmmmm.....let's try some klister... no don't touch it!
 Photo by Miriam P.

               Soups are being expertly warmed up and stirred up by Scott.....          
As seen on Sunday.  Skiing remains very good and our user numbers are way up this year.

Trails are still in good shape.

Along the Mud Lake loop.

In the gorge on the River Trail.

Please support the trails and purchase a pass.

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