Friday, March 23, 2018

Good spring for now.

Early this morning all trails were drug and new tracks made.  With the warm/freeze cycles we've had, we seen widely varying conditions, from excellent to poor..   We scratched the surface with the drag, but at many locations, the pan could not impress into the hardened base to make nice tracks.  In general we'd still call them good spring conditions but without any fresh snow, we may need to end grooming operations.  We just can't make them as nice as we'd like to see.   
I lost my safety eyeglasses out there this morning, so please let us know if you happen to see them.
In the gorge, at the dam meadow.

Early morning light on trail 3 in the gorge

Please support the trail and buy a pass.

This is the top of Sidewinder hill, on trail 4.

On the reopened Outback trail. 
We got this trail done so late this fall, we didn't designate it with a number.

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