Wednesday, March 7, 2018

New snow worked in, now good to excellent.

Early this morning, all trails were drug and new tracks made.   The trails are much, much improved but less than perfect with the 3" we received overnight.  We'd call them good to excellent.   Looking at NOAA forecast, its very likely we'll be out again on Thursday morning.    Phat riders should find the surface firm.
I've had some people asking, why do you use this implement or that?  In another post, we'll try address some of the questions we get.
On trail #2, near the old apostolic church.

Most of the tracks, looked quite good.

In the gorge on trail #3.

It was snowing quite hard, when this photo was taken.  In the left tracks, they are being snowed in.

Hope we see you out there enjoying them!

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