Thursday, May 3, 2018

Spring trails inspection

We've done a trail walk this week to inspect bridges, check water crossing the trail, close gates and see in general how everything is doing.
Spring, summer, and fall is work time, so we can all play in the winter. Every trail improvement gets done during the off season. All improvements make for better trails year-round.  Could you help reopen us reopen an old trail this spring?
Upstream from Tomasi RD, here you can see where water ran down the hill.
It then went across the trail.

Further up the trail yet another creek crosses the trail. A culvert is needed here.

Here too.

And here.  This is why we need a compact tractor with a backhoe.

Here as well. Could you donate to the capital campaign, to make this possible?

In the Dam meadow, the water runs around the bridge and the creek is moving
into this location.

This barrier fence needs to be gathered up and packed away.

We shoveled the gate out of the base, so it could be lifted up and locked.

Not seen was the gate on Sisu hill that was also locked. The gates keep motorized
vehicles off the fragile trails.

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