Sunday, November 5, 2017

Report #21. Corduroy galore!

On Saturday morning we had the pleasure of having Blair O. and members of the MI Tech Nordic Ski Club out to add corduroy on the River Trail, on the upstream side of Tomasi pit road.   This is been the wettest spring, summer and fall, locals can recall and this section of trail has multiple stream crossings it that we'd never seen before in the fall.   Without adding this corduroy, I'm afraid this trail would have not been groom-able this winter.....   This is why we're raising funds for a tractor, so we can add ditching and culverts with a minimum of manual labor.
This is new corduroy being added by the 20ft boardwalk, right off Tomasi Rd.

This had been added years ago and subsequently rotted away.
Some new corduroy will save the trail during winter melts/high water days.

Lots and lots of corduroy was moved today, plus slash hauled away.

Not all the water crossings are pictured here.
Some problem rocks were also pulled out today.
BIG thanks to Eric, Conner and Ben for their help!

This is on the new River Trail extension.

We cut back brush and stumps that were left this spring when this trail was cut.

This is another wet crossing with water flowing in it today.
With any luck, we'll get a culvert added here soon. 

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