Sunday, April 8, 2018

Yooper loop reopening?

Some of you who've been here for a few years may recall the "Yooper Loop" which connects to the Mud Lake loop's northern end.   This is at junction #27.   This trail has been unkempt for a while but we are considering reopening this portion.   Today, it was blue flagged so if you'd like to see it, it will be very easy to follow.  This section was logged a few years ago, but it is still quite pretty with some modest hills and hemlocks along it.  Let us know your thoughts.  Would you like to help clear it this spring?
Still good snow out there!

But south facing locations like Sidewinder hill, are seeing the heat.

This is the intersection at the north end of the Mud Lake Loop.
Here you can see the old trail going up the hill and it now has
blue tape marking it.
Back country skiing is as good as it gets!

Looking down the descent. Bikers will recall this having a gravelly, sandy curve at the bottom.

But the trail will be groomed with a straight run-out.

Hope you got out to enjoy some spring skiing!

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