Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Last Excellent for the year?

Colin was out early today and rolled, and I followed and made new tracks.  We had hoped to drag but there was just too much snow to do that.  We did a normal pattern and double tracks trails where we usually do. Looking at our forecast, this might be the last for the year. Skiing will hold up for a while though, so be sure to get out!
Don't forget the Annual Meeting featuring home-made BBQ, tonight at 6:30.
Hummmmmmmm gooood!

The trails looked as good as mid winter conditions.

This good of conditions, can not last!

The wind is blowing so they will deteriorate in open areas.

The snow base in general, is still deep in the gorge.

Along mud lake seen here.

Someone has been hungry!

Hope we see you at the dinner tonight.

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