Sunday, February 4, 2018

Maasto trails fast facts!

Some trivia concerning the grooming of these trails. Did you know...?

Our team grooms pretty much whenever we receive an inch or more of new snow.  This amount is indeed a "judgment" call due to wind and snowfall variations.  This year grooming has been near daily, since it started in early December.   One of our operators has had 4 "real" days off since it started.   Most days off the trail puts us into the shop doing implement and tow machine repairs. Our machines do break down, and we've pulled tow machines off the trails and into the shop, 6 times this year alone.  This is why we have redundancy for most of them and we do replace them on a schedule.

Our normal grooming pattern is: we do our busiest trails first, which is the city side, then the gorge.  Next we head to the Mud Lake trails and then Churning Rapids.   Last is the River Trail extension which is north of Tomasi pit RD and the old trail to CR which is trail 8.  This is the most efficient pattern to get them done quickly and we do like to have them done ASAP! 

Trail packing (rolling) or leveling (dragging) starts very early, and track setting before first light. If it snows or is windy during the day, you may not have good tracks to ski if you don't get out until late in the day.  If there was a way to keep them perfect at all times, we'd certainly do it!  The grooming department guys are skiers too!

As always, thanks to all who purchase a season membership, and to our donors and sponsors. Nice trails aren't free and your support helps ensure they are the best they can be!
Hope your whole family gets out to enjoy often.  This was taken on Sunday.

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