Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Good to excellent, spring conditions!

Early this morning, we had two drags out on the trails to knock the drifts down.  Without our heavy towing machine, it was a struggle and more lengthy of a process.   Happy to announce we got the trails back to, Good to excellent, spring conditions.  Hardness of the snow varied much and what we did, will show that.
As seen on Tomasi road at sunup.


In the old sand pit, above Sisu hill.

On the Mud Lake loop.

The Outback trail.

We had walkers out there this week, doing much damage...
Please tell them that we don't allow walking and ask them to buy a pass!!

On our day off, repair work does go on and on. This is a pod frame on our UTV.

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  1. When you have such beautiful trails, not sure why you allow dogs on the trails. They do as much, if not more damage, as walkers. Not sure why dogs and their owners can't use ungroomed trails so they do not mess up the enjoyment for others! Very frustrating!