Sunday, October 1, 2017

Weekend trail work, mowing and hikes report #10

Trail photos from a beautiful Saturday afternoon hike and Sunday's trail work will be featured here.  Do note, not every day the trail is cleared, will it be posted.
This is corduroy that was added this past week near the pedestrian bridge down in the gorge.
What about those fall colors!?

On Saturday, we hiked around the new River Trail extension and noted
that the beavers have moved down stream and built new dams.

A beaver slide, as seen from the trail.
Their handy work
More of it along our trail. Guess they are in the fall trail clearing spirit.
Now on Trail 8, we saw that John had started to mow it.

On Sunday morning, Carolyn and Sandy knocked down the
weeds while Arlyn trimmed with the pole saw.

The corridor was opened up again.

Martin came by later in the morning and helped too.

Bridget came by for trail inspection while Gromit watched for squirrels.
The Dam meadow is officially done!
OK there is some bridge work here that remains.

Hope you get out to enjoy the better views of the creek.

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