Monday, October 9, 2017

New tools and view!

New tools and view!  Trail clearing is an on going effort and happens daily.  If you could help, just get in touch.
We did a little work last week, to put the vista back into Vista Trail.

Plus another benefit will be, these large limbs won't come down on the trail under snow load.

Thanks to a KCF grant - we've got another trail tool!

The new Echo adds to our current armory of trail clearing tools.

Did you know? KNSC purchased the new Kodiak ATV with help from
a grant from the U.P. Sustainable Forest & Wildlife Fund,
which is held at theCommunity Foundation of theU.P. Shown here is
KNSC Secretary, Sandy Aronson and UPSF&WF representative, Karin Van Dyke.
We really appreciate this support! 
And a new machine to tow snow impolwnts with.
This is our ongoing effort to keep machines up to date.

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