Monday, September 4, 2017

Mowing the ski trails began today with St. Urho's being the first trail completed. Note the Club's brand new Yamaha Kodiak ATV in the picture along with our overly-seasoned DR Bush/Field mower. The Kodiak got its first mud today.
The Kodiak seems to be a similar machine to our Grizzly (great work horse) that we have high hopes for in trail work and grooming.  Thanks to all who helped make the new Kodiak happen for KNSC.

Over the next month we should be slowly rolling out mowed trails to the north.  So if you have been frustrated by the weeds for hiking or biking, there is hope.  We will be looking for manual weed whackers soon so help out if you can.
And if anyone finds a wrench set in a black plastic case out there, let me know at 281-1486.

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