Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Fall trail work report #3

Today we completed clearing Sidewinder descent, then we worked on the gorge trails.
This is at the bottom of Sidewinder at the intersection with the River trail. 
Yes it's weedy!

The same location, a few minutes later.
It's a snap, when you have three people working at
 it with professional tools.

Next Colin heads downstream on the River trail.

It's all coming down.  This is done so we can
groom earlier and see the trails edge.

These weeds are no match for these powerful machines with .155 string.

Almost to the Bridge.

Lunch at the office.

How does this compare with your midday view? 

OK, this passes inspection. Let's continue up stream. 
Get in touch, if you'd like to help.
Its fun!
As seen along the trail, Nonesuch shale
aged 1.1 billion years for your viewing pleasure.

Another view just 30ft further away. 
Both these sites were cleared today for better viewing.
Get out to enjoy! Remember to support these
efforts - buy your season membership soon.

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