Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Snow-n-more, still Excellent

NOAA missed the overnight forecast by quite a bit when we seen 10" early this morning with light winds.   The wind was suppose to crank up overnight with just a dusting of new snow falling.
Nonetheless, we got this deep, yet light snow rolled down and new tracks made.  
All trails are excellent again.    
 If you don't get out there soon, this wind will fill tracks up, in the more exposed area's.

As we head out in early light.
Everything looked so very nice this morning.

Tracks and trails are as good as they can get!

Bonus photos!  It was so darn pretty out there today, I just had to take extra ones..

Hope you get out there ans see this.
This snow really worked in nice.

Picture perfect!

This is how are implements get to looking. in this light snow.

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