Monday, July 24, 2017

Day one done!

Today marked the first day of early fall trail clearing.   1st thing was to mark the location of a culvert we'll be installing at Tomasi RD that goes to Pebbles gravel pit.  This is an important event for our trails to move towards improving water control, plus help us to open trails earlier in the fall and reduce problems during melts over the winter months.
Not pictured was Mark R who also helped here.

Yes, the whole area was cleared for this job. This is on the old
trail to Churning Rapids which is trail 8. Tomasi road is seen
in the background.

Josh marked the culvert ends with these stakes.

Feel free to get out there and see this location/

That's where it will go!

After the ditch and culvert instillation work area was cleared,
we went down towards the creek and began whacking weeds there.

This is just uphill from the New River Trail extension.
This is at the "rock wall" where the River Trail Extension
merges onto the old trail.   The rock seen at the bottom/center
of this photo marks a wasp nest, who didn't appreciate our
whacking.  We did not have any wasp spray with us so we
marked it with the rock.

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