Tuesday, October 4, 2016

More Mud Lake trail clearing.

Today we went to the north end of the old Mud Lake loop and clearing it heading back towards the cemetery.
This corridor is looking great!

Gromit approves.   This was cleared today.

Here you can see how well the grass and
weeds did with more sunlight after logging.

Lots of big honk'n weeds and popple shoots.

Nothing the whacker can't handle!

Hard to believe this used to be a gravelly surface.

We made it to here today.

Seen from the same location.
That old trail only needs a light touch-up.

Another great day on the trail.

It'll be better yet with a luxurious layer of snow!
We sure could use some help with this project.  If you'd like to see this trail reopened, please get in touch.  If the weather is good, we'll be out here again on Saturday the 8th.

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